One of my sort-of-resolutions this year was to try to finish some of the anime that I've bought but haven't watched. (Especially since I ended up buying more series at the end of 2012 without finishing the ones I bought back in 2011 xD)

So, of course, the first thing I watch this year is a Korean drama called Prosecutor Princess xD Well, it was also one of the things I bought in's 12 Days of Christmas super sale, so there; one thing off the list. I finished it last Sunday already, but I'm still thinking about it, so I wanted to post a little review -- or perhaps simply a gathering of thoughts since I'm not sure any of y'all are going to be interested in this series. But personally, I loved it~
Goodbye, goodbye, my princeeeeess )
As requested, some pics to go along with my last entry~
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I was attempting to fit all my new anime on my shelves the other day. I ... actually managed it, though I had to turn everything sideways. So, I made a new inventory list ^o^ Sadly, my shelves are not as neatly ordered as the list. Heh.
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(Anyone other than [ profile] kazenokaitou and [ profile] yaminokaitou can ignore ^^)
New Year's Eve ideas )
Well, since I was tagged and all ...

The questions are:
1. Username/real name;
2. Favorite musical artist;
3. Write a sentence on the lines of the paper;
4. Location or where you would like to live one day;
5. Draw a heart;
6. Tag five peeps!

I like making lists in fancy cursive, but printing is my default mode. (I actually prefer the aesthetics of my printing, but uh ... I like using cursive for lists because I used to get a lot of compliments on my cursive and I never ever use it otherwise. I also hated our cursive lessons.) I can be much neater than this, of course.

I'm waiting on a package. I ordered Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny from Natsume's store on Friday (get a free tote bag! ... Except with what I'm paying for shipping/taxes, it's far from free anymore). I got a confirmation e-mail, but nothing since. Did it ship? The page I can look up my order on doesn't even give a status. Even knowing, "Waiting to ship"/"Pending" would be nice. Will I ever see my game? o_o; It's just as well that I caved and also bought Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns last weekend (it was on clearance for $15!). Wait, no, it's not. I would have plenty of games to play without putting those on top of the pile x.x /has been on a buying binge lately
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( Jul. 13th, 2012 11:34)
Oh, I haven't mentioned the new tooth "saga" on here ...

So, on July 2nd, I was eating a piece of candy and the crown on my tooth (which has been bothering me for nearly two years -- yeah, I avoided going to the dentist for that long) came off. Of course, I freaked out. My dentist retired a while back, so I had no idea who to call (also part of the reason why it's been so long). I ended up calling the dentist who used to work with my dentist many years ago and now has his own practice. He was able to see me that very night. After taking an x-ray and poking around my crown-less tooth, he informed me that I would need a root canal. OK, yeah, that was what I expected.

Fast forward to yesterday. I got my root canal done. It seemed OK.

Fast forward to this morning. I woke up in a sweat. And the gum next to my root-canaled tooth is swollen. I stumbled down stairs and felt ill. I was freaking out. Decided to stay home from work because of feeling so badly.

I called up my dentist's office. The receptionist said that some swelling was normal, and recommended I gargle some saltwater. I'm still worried, though, because she asked if it was "infected swelling." Well, I don't know the difference. It's not really painful or heavily swollen, but it is definitely swollen. And now the top of the swelling seems lighter (she asked if it was white when I called and I said no) ... urgh. I might just have to ask if I can come in and just have them look at it. That would reassure me, I think ... or maybe I should wait to see how it is tomorrow.

I don't want to be freaking out over nothing, but if it is something I should be worried about ... obviously I want it to be resolved.

I'm not even sure if my feeling ill this morning was related to the tooth or simply me freaking out early in the morning and scrambling up and down the stairs immediately after waking up (which yes, may result in lightheadedness and nausea when one has just woken up). My feelings of anxiety have had physical symptoms on me in the past as well (sick to my stomach). And it was warm this morning, and I had had blankets over me, so that would explain the sweat.

I feel frustrated being at home with nothing to do, slightly guilty that I'm skipping work, even though I'm sure it would be worse if I were at work. Even though I am not so physically ill as to be unable to get out of bed, I still do not feel well. And this is my first time taking a sick day since I started at my current job ...

Argh, so frustrating. It doesn't help that I was reading articles before the root canal about a boy in Chicago who died a week after a root canal from sepsis (infection). Even though root canals are said to be successful 95 percent of the time. What if I'm in the 5 percent?!

I really need to relax. I'm not making anything better by freaking out. I will call my dentist again if it gets worse. Just relax for now.

I just want this all to be fixed and done with so I can go on with my life ...

EDIT: Called my dentist again. They're giving me another prescription for amoxycillin (which I was taking for about a week before the root canal). I'd feel better if I could go in again and have them actually look at it, but this is better than nothing. I just hope it makes it better ...
(Two entries in one day! I know lol.)

Ganked from [ profile] yaminokaitou. And not doing this over separate days, obviously XD

Day 1- Top 5 Korean Dramas
Top 5 meme )

Tales of Xillia 2. (With different characters.) Huh?

(Somehow, though Xillia looks modern but fantasy-ish, the outfits/settings here remind me more of early 20th century Europe. Might just be all the guns. And the uniform-looking outfits.)

And the heroine who you must be prepared to destroy the world for is ... 8 years old?!

Also, you can make choices to determine the plotline. I like that feature in other games, but so far, from what (very little, I admit) I've seen of the game, it doesn't feel very ... Tales-like somehow.

I'll feel better when they reveal more characters, I think. For me, the appeal of Tales is primarily the characters, and how they interact as a team.

I also have to remind myself that I have seen very little, so there's no reason to make a huge judgment (this game is gonna suck!!!!1) at this point. Anyway, I likely won't be playing the game for years, so no reason to feel all ~disillusioned~ already XD

I was trying to think of who the protagonist reminded me of -- Kurtz from Graces lol.
I'm going to copy [ profile] yaminokaitou and start off with just pictures/descriptions of what I bought. Partly because I enjoy crowing over it, and partly because there are far, far fewer pictures of what I bought than of everything else, heh.
I still managed to ramble quite a bit ... )
Severely jetlagged. My stomach is still queasy from airsickness (felt ill half the flight; almost vomited on the landing, ugh, that's a new one), and I feel a bit unsteady on my feet. But uh, yeah, other than that ... back in the States with a heavier suitcase and a lighter wallet, hurrah!

I guess I might post some stuff here, hmm ... but not right now. (Which means, don't hold your breath, or you'll die :D)
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( Apr. 24th, 2012 22:22)
While sitting at my laptop in the basement, I heard a distant sound like thunder, an ever-so-soft rumbling, obviously far off. Too consistent for natural phenomena, though. It went on for a while. I wonder what it was ... ?

(Maybe drilling in the quarry ... ?)

The MRI went fine, but my mom told me my granpa's been very confused today. He mumbles things that don't make sense. He tries to put on his slippers and asks, "Is it time to go home?" "You're at home, Dad. You're in your bed," my mom tells him.

After my uncle came in, my granpa asked, "Who's that man?"
"That's your son."
"No, not him. The other man. Should I talk to him?"

He knew who my uncle was. He thought someone else was there.

I know this sort of thing is often seen in those who are dying ... "but I don't think he's dying," my mom added, after echoing my own thoughts. Or maybe she just said that because I was getting teary-eyed (though I kept it under control). I don't know why such a thing should disturb me more than the falls (he fell again yesterday, though not badly, we think -- he forgets that he's fallen and that he needs to be careful) and the pain he's already gone through, but it does. I don't really believe in ghosts or anything. Angels, OK, that's nice and comforting, but even then, there's nothing to say he's not just hallucinating ... but of course that doesn't make it any better because hallucinating people who aren't there is pretty terrifying.

(Even if the part of me that loves creepy stories wants to ask what this person looks like.)

Even though his memory has been very bad for a long time (he can remember people fine, but he forgets what he did five minutes ago), his mind seemed to be intact. Today he seemed to be unraveling.

It's only Tuesday ... I just want it to hurry up and be Friday so I can leave as fast as I can and not look back. (Yes, I'm being awfully cowardly.) So long as I make it to Japan, to my friends, whatever happens after that is fine. Though it'd probably be good if I visited my granpa before then ...

Your result for The Song of Ice and Fire Personality Test...

Bran Stark

You scored 230 Adaptability, 180 Humor, 310 Integrity and 120 Activity!

When I sleep I turn into a wolf. Do wolves dream?

You are Bran Stark

You have big dreams in life, and you get frustrated with those who think you are unable to achieve them. You love to explore and wish for more adventure in your life. You are generally introverted when it comes to interacting with others, though you have you have been known to have a few rather crazy outbursts. You love animals and feel connected to them. You have psychic tendencies and you know far more about life, and the world, than you let on. You are adventurous, perceptive, and resolute.

You also similar to Catelyn Stark and Robb Stark. Your polar opposite is Asha Greyjoy.

Take The Song of Ice and Fire Personality Test at HelloQuizzy

I am fine with this, because I ♥ Bran -- though he is definitely more adventurous/stronger than me (that little boy's been through a whole lot). He was pretty much the first character in Game of Thrones who I got really attached to.

If you happen to take the quiz, do share your results! I'm interested :D

Work blahs )
I'm finding it difficult recently to talk about ... difficult things on here, but hey, there's always room for frivolous stuff! So on that note, picspam time!

Guess what came today? )
A little bit after midnight last night, I shut down my computer and brought my water glass up to the kitchen. As I headed for the sink, I saw a small, dark shape hurtling along at the back of counter.

I was quite startled and let out a quiet "W-w-whaaaaaa!" before I realized what it was. A mouse! My mom found some droppings last week, but seeing it is a little bit different from hearing there's a mouse in the house. (Fortunately, the mouse droppings have put my dad into gear on fixing the windows down here.)

Poor little mousey. You're probably going to die if you stick around here D:

... I keep thinking I'm going to write about work, but going to work is exhausting enough without thinking about it outside of work, haaa. And then how my granpa was calling people up to say "goodbye" on Sunday because he thought he was dying ... he fell on Friday and has been in pain, but he didn't take anything for the pain (he doesn't like doctors/hospitals, so that was out; he didn't break anything, at least), so he's just been suffering. My mom checked up on him that day and gave him some pain relievers, and ... well, he's still in the land of the living so far. My mom's been fairly cool-headed about it outwardly, but I know she was worried before she visited him; even though my uncle lives with him, she's really the "dependable" one who does everything. She said he's doing fine other than the pain from the fall. He's doing all right for a 97 year old, but ... my granpa is ready to die. He asks, "Why am I still alive?" He's become so frail, and his short-term memory is gone. It's ... very sad. Of course, I would be very sad if he died too. For all we know he could live to be 100, but ... I don't really think that's what he wants. Anyway, it's certainly nothing I have control over, so there's no use in dwelling on it. But if you feel so inclined, if you could say a prayer for him ...

Ah, through the new window down here, I can see the yellow crescent of the moon, slowly being obscured by vegetation as it sinks lower. ...
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( Mar. 23rd, 2012 22:51)
It came today~

The expected arrival date was Monday, but it made it here early~ (My mom even sent me a text at work because she knew I was waiting for it, but alas, I never check my phone at work, so I didn't find out until I got home.)

Needless to say, I hooked everything up immediately, and -- it all worked perfectly! (Well, it damn well should, I bought a brand new one this time, haaa.)

So, after the laborious process of setting everything up and updating (had to update TWICE, once to play Graces, once to merely access PSN) and waiting on the thunderstorm that was rumbling overhead, I got to play a small slice of Graces tonight.

Well, I've already played it in Japanese, so nothing was very surprising, haha~ But it has been a year. I'm only in the first few hours, in the children's arc. The children's voices are passable. Little Hubert (in general, not the voice) is just ... so .... MOOEEEEEEE! *_* Seriously. He's adorable. I would be pinching his cheeks too lol. Sophie is adorable too, of course. She cracks me up. Asbel is a little ruffian and I feel kind of bad for little sickly Cheria (Cheria: "You want to become a knight and move away?!" Asbel: "Yeah! Oh, do you wanna come live with me when you grow up?" Cheria: "YES! *Asbel walks off* *cough cough* ... I hope I grow up ...") And Richard just showed up~ Aww, Richard! So insecure T_T Don't worry, darling, you will grow up to be sexy and fabulous~

*ahem* Yes, I don't expect you to understand all of that; I just needed to fangirl a bit. I am extremely fond of Graces' cast. It's nearly impossible to choose a favorite between Richard, Sophie, and Hubert. (Pascal too! I didn't mention Pascal because she hasn't shown up yet!) It reminds me a bit of Eternia in terms of the cast ... the rash main character, the slightly naggy but well-meaning childhood friend, the "weak" one who can kick butt when he tries, the purple-twin-tailed girl who is a little "different," the elegant swordsman with long blond hair ... the crazy inventor and older dude. Haha. (Sorry, Chat and Max, I like Pascal and Malik waaay better than you.) Of course, these are not the same characters. They are similar "types," but very distinct unto themselves. Which is probably why I love the Tales games so much, haha.

Anyway. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow~
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( Mar. 19th, 2012 20:50)
My mom's put a cuckoo clock in the kitchen.

It doesn't work. (I found this out after staring at it for nearly 5 minutes, waiting for the cuckoo to come out. ...) My brother picked it up quite some time ago from who knows where (he tends to accrue junk/treasures) and was going to get rid of it because some connection is loose so that when it hits the hour, it can't ... cuckoo. Anyway, my mom figures she can try to fix it, because after all, a cuckoo clock is not something she would normally buy, so hey, a curiosity!

We know it was made in Germany, but have no idea how old it is. I suspect it's probably just a souvenir from a gift shop somewhere, but it is still kind of neat. Carved wooden leaves and bunches of black fruit (grapes? berries?) surround the face; an owl looks out from above it, and a wolf from below.

My overactive imagination wonders if there is some evil sealed inside it, preventing the cuckoo from emerging--! ... No, of course not. It's just a loose wire or something. It might not even be as old as the grandfather clocks we have, so why should it have such an interesting back story ...?


I ordered a brand new PS3 yesterday from Amazon. Part of me says, don't get so excited; better to be calm so that the wait and anticipation won't wear on me (and so I don't overreact over anything again ...). But of course I can't help checking my Amazon account every few hours to see if it's shipped yet, haha. The other one came so quickly; I bet I'll have to wait this time around ... haaa. Must be patient.

(For some reason, Matantei Loki Ragnarok's OST keeps coming up on my iTunes, and ... I really like most of what continually comes up~)
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( Mar. 12th, 2012 20:45)
This is not the post I wanted to be writing today. There's just too much stress piling up.

So, to recap, I ordered a "like new" PS3 from Amazon Warehouse deals on Thursday night. It was expected to arrive today, which is amazingly fast considering I went for free shipping. I was extremely excited. So yeah, "was." It came today and. Looks perfect. Has all the parts, wrapped up nice in the original packaging.

That is an awful 'but' )
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( Mar. 7th, 2012 21:57)
It's my fault for reading creepy things in the evening, but ...

Can I say that doors unnerve me? (Somehow this entry got really long, heh.)
Is this a normal fear? )
I typically wait to buy video games I'm interested in until the price goes down, or at least until I can get some discount on them. I buy a lot of used games too.

But this year I've been doing some preordering.
Uh, where did all my money go? I wonder. )
For some reason, I find myself without the ability to be concise today. This entry rambles a bit, so I apologize in advance.

So, last night did not go quite as planned -- but our plans weren't very set anyway, and it all turned out all right in the end.
Taking the train downtown )


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