Finally updating. Why is it always "finally"? Heh.
Video games and marriage )
I was going to post about my "adventure" to the mall last week (the big, nice one that I never get to because it's 40 minutes away), in which a nasty guy first acted nice and wanted to tell me about some contest and then got rather pushy and insulting when I didn't want to buy the magazines that he turned out to be selling. He went from telling me I was so "nice" and that it was "cool" that I liked video games and knew Japanese to calling me a "cheapass" and, as I finally got up to leave after failing to disengage myself politely, "weird." He called me weird at least three times. I might not be average, but what's so "weird" about me? That I tried to be nice to him? (I really did. My mom told me, "You don't have to be nice," but I recognize that working retail is sucky, so I try to be nice to people even when they're trying to sell me crap I don't want.) That I don't want to buy magazines from some random dude in the mall? (Just because I'm at a mall doesn't mean I want to spend all my money. Another memorable line from the guy: "What, buying one subscription wouldn't put you on welfare, would it?" No, but I'm stingy even on stuff that I *want* to buy.) Come on, now.
Some more complaining ... and Muramasa! )
I keep meaning to update and I keep meaning to update and I keep meaning to update.
Update! )Day 01 - Your Favorite Song (this is impossible) )
So, I suppose I should post before this all slips away into the haze of youth ... or something.
(head) Trauma and the next step )
So, for Japanese class, our final project is a puppet show. Yes, a puppet show. We had to write it, make puppets, and perform it in class. Since there are only three of us in fourth year this semester, Sensei had us all work together. This ... made things a good deal more complicated, but oh well. Since I had to type up the script anyway, I thought I would share it for your pleasure and/or derision (with bonus, made-up-on-the-spot English translation and snark in []s). Notes: Three writers on one script is too many at once -- conflicts arose; there's only so much you can do in 4.5 pages (that's hand-written, every other line); the Japanese levels of those in my group varied wildly, and although it sounds horribly snotty, I think my skills are sturdiest (not to say "good"), but remember, it was all three of us writing the script; so in short, yeah, this is pretty elementary Japanese (we use the same basic phrases over and over and over) and I'm blaming it on everyone else ^_^ I'm not looking for crit, just ... hoping you might get a giggle over it. And remember, this is a *puppet show*
友だちの旅行 )
I've been very up and down lately.

Oh, wait, no, mostly "down."

Part of me really wants to let all of my fears and worries rip here, because I don't have anyone to talk to at college -- I've been bottling everything up, and it's painful. But every time I even think about putting it here, I get stuck. I can't write.

(Anyway, it's pretty self-explanatory. You know, graduation, adulthood, lack of plans, etc.)

So, I'm not going to talk about that (and I don't want you to respond about that either; my way of dealing with things at this point is to pretend that they aren't happening). SO!

Stuff that has happened to me lately:
Weather, boys, events )
I wonder if I can get back into the habit of writing on here ...
but I need to cut my nails because it's getting hard to type D: )
So, tonight I got to send my bi/tri/far-too-many-times-annual plea for a ride home. I know, I know, I should've made "Living close to me" criteria for friendship when I first started at Calvin, but alas, I did not and now I am stuck with begging people I happened to go to the same high school with for a spot in their backseat. Instantaneous transportation would make life so much easier ... heck, just a more accessible train network like they have in Japan would make life easier. I wouldn't have to bug people for rides ever again.
Kimi dake wo ... kimi dake wo ... suki de ita yo )
Today was the last day of classes ...
Testing, working, making out, and a whole lot of parenthetical material )
Crazy, crazy week.
Shinjite la la la la la )
I went to the coffee house on campus today. (And came back.)
boys and other strange creatures )
... thus I am typing from my fabulous family computer, which is now ... 7 years old? Yup, Sony's amazing. (But D-Link probably isn't, assuming it's the cause of my lack of internets on Matsuka, my laptop.)

You have pretty hair )
I feel too lazy to update, yet I have plenty I'd like to put down, so it's time for a fun point-by-point summary!
She's not an exhibitionist )
mossygirl: (tsumetai rollo)
( Jun. 7th, 2008 19:09)
If there's one thing my new cell's good for, it's allowing my parents to check up on me in times of tornado warnings.
Say how's the weather, so I look out the window, to brighten my soul )
At the moment, I'm staring at the still wrapped copy of Final Fantasy Tactics (PSP), sitting right next to my laptop. OK, back up.
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