Probably should've posted this before I didn't come on AIM on Friday or Saturday ... x.x gomen ne.

Family cottage, Planetes, and another podcast )

And now I'm here. The end.
Been a while since I updated ... as usual ^^; Um, what's there to say?
le cut, le sigh )
P.S. I apologize to those who were on AIM last Saturday night when I abruptly "signed off." AIM died on me ;_; Saaa.

EDIT: Yeah, so podcast 3? Major suckage as far as my part goes. I had an awful connection and could hardly hear anything the other two were saying (and thus said very little), and my review was poorly planned. And I am really tired b/c I hardly (if at all) slept last night. Grrrgh.
mossygirl: (stalker)
( Jun. 2nd, 2007 22:18)
So ... haven't updated in a while, huh? ^^;;

Well, for one thing, there's work. I hardly worked my first week back, and this week looked to be the same. Then I got some extra hours ... and that was that. But I've been doing other stuff too. I finally set up my family's router ... only to have my laptop's touchpad officially die. This isn't a problem with me pressing the wrong button; it was behaving erratically for a while before it finally pooped out. So now I'll have to bring it in to Best Buy to be fixed (I have a warranty on it, which will *I hope* cover whatever needs to be done). It's kind of ironic that my touchpad should go considering my earlier laptop "problem;" I almost wonder if I somehow screwed it up back then x.x Ah, well. No use worrying about that now ^^;;

Lessee ... as far as anime goes, I recently finished Gilgamesh, started Eureka Seven and Nadesico, and appeared in a podcast.
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That's about it ^^;; Too long again ... Good night all!


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