In my dream last night:
This cannot be a prediction of the future )
Better late than never ... Jen requested BloSu for her Christmas fic and said crack was okay. This isn't really crack, and it isn't really new, either (I'm such a cheater, but I offer a refund if you don't like it, Jen-chan ^_~). You might think of this as a later part of an AU version of BloSu ... or non-canon or non-fan-fanfiction or whatever. Point is, it doesn't follow from the last section and will have no place in the version of BloSu that I'm writing. I originally wrote it about a year ago (and for some reason the writing quality is below average, even for me x.x) with the intention of it fitting in eventually but changed my mind on some major things. More on that in the author's note at the end ^^ And to make sure I did something for this draft, I added stupid cracky author's commentary in [brackets] which I blame wholly on Death Note and porn (I don't mean Death Note porn, I mean L thinking porn is normal for teenage boys like Raito--who is so completely, 'hmm. girl in bathing suit. *no reaction* *turns page*'--and my goodness I am so, so very sorry o.o;;). But this story is not dirty in any way! *phew*

I don't see what this has to do with me playing matchmaker )


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