I'm finding it difficult recently to talk about ... difficult things on here, but hey, there's always room for frivolous stuff! So on that note, picspam time!

Guess what came today? )
I was thinking ... there are actually a number of video games coming out in 2012 that I want to buy o_o This is very unusual for me. I really should work on some of the ones I have, but instead I started a new game in Star Ocean: Second Evolution. LOL. Well, technically I've never finished the Rena path, soooo. (I did play the Rena path on my PSX copy. But I got stuck at the final boss, so I never got to find out which of the many endings I earned. And this is why I think the PSP version is easier, because I had no trouble whatsoever beating him on PSP. But because I kept stealing while people were in my party -- not realizing it would have an effect on everyone's affection ratings -- everybody hated me and I got Claude's "Go home to mommy" end XD)
I don't think I'm going to go outside at all next spring )


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