Tales of Xillia 2. (With different characters.) Huh?

(Somehow, though Xillia looks modern but fantasy-ish, the outfits/settings here remind me more of early 20th century Europe. Might just be all the guns. And the uniform-looking outfits.)

And the heroine who you must be prepared to destroy the world for is ... 8 years old?!

Also, you can make choices to determine the plotline. I like that feature in other games, but so far, from what (very little, I admit) I've seen of the game, it doesn't feel very ... Tales-like somehow.

I'll feel better when they reveal more characters, I think. For me, the appeal of Tales is primarily the characters, and how they interact as a team.

I also have to remind myself that I have seen very little, so there's no reason to make a huge judgment (this game is gonna suck!!!!1) at this point. Anyway, I likely won't be playing the game for years, so no reason to feel all ~disillusioned~ already XD

I was trying to think of who the protagonist reminded me of -- Kurtz from Graces lol.


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