I'm going to copy [livejournal.com profile] yaminokaitou and start off with just pictures/descriptions of what I bought. Partly because I enjoy crowing over it, and partly because there are far, far fewer pictures of what I bought than of everything else, heh.
I still managed to ramble quite a bit ... )
I'm finding it difficult recently to talk about ... difficult things on here, but hey, there's always room for frivolous stuff! So on that note, picspam time!

Guess what came today? )
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( Mar. 23rd, 2012 22:51)
It came today~

The expected arrival date was Monday, but it made it here early~ (My mom even sent me a text at work because she knew I was waiting for it, but alas, I never check my phone at work, so I didn't find out until I got home.)

Needless to say, I hooked everything up immediately, and -- it all worked perfectly! (Well, it damn well should, I bought a brand new one this time, haaa.)

So, after the laborious process of setting everything up and updating (had to update TWICE, once to play Graces, once to merely access PSN) and waiting on the thunderstorm that was rumbling overhead, I got to play a small slice of Graces tonight.

Well, I've already played it in Japanese, so nothing was very surprising, haha~ But it has been a year. I'm only in the first few hours, in the children's arc. The children's voices are passable. Little Hubert (in general, not the voice) is just ... so .... MOOEEEEEEE! *_* Seriously. He's adorable. I would be pinching his cheeks too lol. Sophie is adorable too, of course. She cracks me up. Asbel is a little ruffian and I feel kind of bad for little sickly Cheria (Cheria: "You want to become a knight and move away?!" Asbel: "Yeah! Oh, do you wanna come live with me when you grow up?" Cheria: "YES! *Asbel walks off* *cough cough* ... I hope I grow up ...") And Richard just showed up~ Aww, Richard! So insecure T_T Don't worry, darling, you will grow up to be sexy and fabulous~

*ahem* Yes, I don't expect you to understand all of that; I just needed to fangirl a bit. I am extremely fond of Graces' cast. It's nearly impossible to choose a favorite between Richard, Sophie, and Hubert. (Pascal too! I didn't mention Pascal because she hasn't shown up yet!) It reminds me a bit of Eternia in terms of the cast ... the rash main character, the slightly naggy but well-meaning childhood friend, the "weak" one who can kick butt when he tries, the purple-twin-tailed girl who is a little "different," the elegant swordsman with long blond hair ... the crazy inventor and older dude. Haha. (Sorry, Chat and Max, I like Pascal and Malik waaay better than you.) Of course, these are not the same characters. They are similar "types," but very distinct unto themselves. Which is probably why I love the Tales games so much, haha.

Anyway. I know what I'll be doing tomorrow~
I was thinking ... there are actually a number of video games coming out in 2012 that I want to buy o_o This is very unusual for me. I really should work on some of the ones I have, but instead I started a new game in Star Ocean: Second Evolution. LOL. Well, technically I've never finished the Rena path, soooo. (I did play the Rena path on my PSX copy. But I got stuck at the final boss, so I never got to find out which of the many endings I earned. And this is why I think the PSP version is easier, because I had no trouble whatsoever beating him on PSP. But because I kept stealing while people were in my party -- not realizing it would have an effect on everyone's affection ratings -- everybody hated me and I got Claude's "Go home to mommy" end XD)
I don't think I'm going to go outside at all next spring )


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