So, I suppose I should post before this all slips away into the haze of youth ... or something.
(head) Trauma and the next step )
So, I haven't written much about my life lately, huh?
There are two graduation caps and gowns in my room )
So, for Japanese class, our final project is a puppet show. Yes, a puppet show. We had to write it, make puppets, and perform it in class. Since there are only three of us in fourth year this semester, Sensei had us all work together. This ... made things a good deal more complicated, but oh well. Since I had to type up the script anyway, I thought I would share it for your pleasure and/or derision (with bonus, made-up-on-the-spot English translation and snark in []s). Notes: Three writers on one script is too many at once -- conflicts arose; there's only so much you can do in 4.5 pages (that's hand-written, every other line); the Japanese levels of those in my group varied wildly, and although it sounds horribly snotty, I think my skills are sturdiest (not to say "good"), but remember, it was all three of us writing the script; so in short, yeah, this is pretty elementary Japanese (we use the same basic phrases over and over and over) and I'm blaming it on everyone else ^_^ I'm not looking for crit, just ... hoping you might get a giggle over it. And remember, this is a *puppet show*
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I finally gave in and ordered Star Ocean: Second Evolution.

Well. I had good reason. *ahem*

I'm been stalking keeping an eye on the page since the game came out, since I knew a price drop was inevitable (after all, it happened with the first game!). And finally, it has dropped. Yay. I found I could get the game slightly cheaper from an online retailer ( -- never used them before, but I've heard they're good) than from Best Buy or GameStop, so that's that.

in which my chirpiness turns to baaww-ing )
I've been very up and down lately.

Oh, wait, no, mostly "down."

Part of me really wants to let all of my fears and worries rip here, because I don't have anyone to talk to at college -- I've been bottling everything up, and it's painful. But every time I even think about putting it here, I get stuck. I can't write.

(Anyway, it's pretty self-explanatory. You know, graduation, adulthood, lack of plans, etc.)

So, I'm not going to talk about that (and I don't want you to respond about that either; my way of dealing with things at this point is to pretend that they aren't happening). SO!

Stuff that has happened to me lately:
Weather, boys, events )
I wonder if I can get back into the habit of writing on here ...
but I need to cut my nails because it's getting hard to type D: )
So, tonight I got to send my bi/tri/far-too-many-times-annual plea for a ride home. I know, I know, I should've made "Living close to me" criteria for friendship when I first started at Calvin, but alas, I did not and now I am stuck with begging people I happened to go to the same high school with for a spot in their backseat. Instantaneous transportation would make life so much easier ... heck, just a more accessible train network like they have in Japan would make life easier. I wouldn't have to bug people for rides ever again.
Kimi dake wo ... kimi dake wo ... suki de ita yo )
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( Jan. 29th, 2009 21:29)
Feeling a bit better today -- my body managed to sleep soundly (!) for a good long while last night, which helps immensely.
Next semester's schedule and Star Ocean: First Departure )
Writing papers is exhausting ... only 3 pages left (and then the reflection paper *collapses*)

And then, once I turn this one in ... I get to start another one!

Obviously, I am too tired to care, though not quite tired enough to stop writing, because that would just be a very, very bad idea. (Of course, knowing me, you realize that this paper is due tomorrow.)

It's times like these that make me wonder why in the world I became an English major; I simply do not enjoy writing papers, even when they're about things that I would usually enjoy prattering on about (fairy tale retellings, in this case). I knew it; I should've taken the option to just write a story instead. Oh, well. Definitely too late now.

Um, please remind me of this entry a few weeks into next semester, when I am putting off my future research papers, k?

(Though it's not like I've forgotten about the all-nighter I had the idiocy to pull that one time. Never ever, never ever again.)

Ufufu, let's write some more about feminism, subversion, and parody!

Also, a link for you: I can almost guarantee this will make you happy. It certainly brightened my dark, dreary, rain and research-filled day.
Today was the last day of classes ...
Testing, working, making out, and a whole lot of parenthetical material )
I think it has been snowing without stopping since Sunday morning. Certainly, the drive up here was not so wonderful, and a new layer of white falls to the ground every moment. It is certainly pretty, but ...
dreamless dorm, ticking clock )
It's lovely to think that in 24 hours I should be, God willing, on my way home to my family and my kitty.

That brings up something that I feel the need to ask whenever I transition between my two livings: Does anyone at home want me to bring something from here over there?

(So, in simpler terms, are there any anime/games of mine you guys want to take a look at?)

At this point, I'm bringing Persona 3 back home. If anything else is wanted, let me know, or I won't be bringing it ;)

And now I'll go back to writing my criticism of Turn of the Screw. On a related note, would anyone like me to post a fiction for TotS when I'm done with it? I'm doing fictional criticism, which is basically glorified fanfiction; and no, knowledge of the original is not necessary, though it may make more sense. (It'll probably be dull either way.) I won't be asking for input since I'll have already turned it in at that point. To be honest, I'm not sure if a fictional criticism was a good approach; it's much easier to write than other kinds, but I feel like I'm losing sight of whatever I'm supposed to be doing. (What am I supposed to be doing anyway? I do not like literary theory very much.)

Anyway. Miles and Flora are calling, with their creepy little voices and haunting eyes ...
Crazy, crazy week.
Shinjite la la la la la )
I will be writing "the paper I still need to write (in college)" about Fairy Tale Rewrites/Retellings. I don't know if this is "the paper I still need to write (in college)," but I decided late last night that it would be a good topic, and it certainly holds some interest for me.

My emotional state has been more than a little bit screwed up lately. Most likely, I am just being silly and testy and worrying about my future more than is absolutely necessary. If I need to, I may post some longer thoughts, but for the moment, it is probably better not to indulge in such melancholy. Que sera, sera. I do have something of a fatalist in me.

Life does not stop for silliness, so it is time to sleep.
Tomorrow is Halloween, but my roommates will not be handing out candy, because we decided 500 pieces of peanut-free was just too much.

(Also, not a one of us can be found to really like children, so we are going to eat the candy we have bought so far by ourselves.)
Petite chatte, doucerette, coquette! )
I don't know how I ended up at my computer at 11:51 ... OH WAIT. Persona 3. Silly me :P
Despite that, the majority of this entry will not be video games )
My lack of updates make me seem a bit like a loser who is obsessed with Code Geass :/

(Which is true. But never you mind that.)
Artistic posturing ahoy! )
Things I need to do this weekend:

-Finish reading Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging (for Adolescent Lit course)
-Read up to p. 70 of A Sicilian Romance (for Women's Lit course)
-Write a 4-5 page memoir (for Senior Seminar)
-Watch the end of Code Geass when it comes out (*cry*)
-Stop buying things
And once more, PRACTICE! )
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( Sep. 21st, 2008 21:54)
I could've done more this weekend than I did.

(What I did was some homework, some anime watching, and a very tiny bit of Star Ocean TET playing.)

But, I did manage to (finally) scan the first fanart I've done like, ever.
Code Geass pencil sketch, safe for work, spoiler free )
I went to the coffee house on campus today. (And came back.)
boys and other strange creatures )


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