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( Oct. 13th, 2008 12:46)
I trekked out to my local Toys 'R Us last Saturday in anticipation of the annual B2G1 video game sale, only to find that there was very little to be found (neither of the titles I really want -- Princess Debut and Rhapsody -- were available at the store). I figured I would give up on the sale, but once it started properly, I couldn't help checking Toys 'R Us online. They've been pretty slow about tagging video games for the sale, but there's nothing to make me think that the two games I really want won't be earmarked for it (Rhapsody finally is at this point), since all games are supposed to be on sale.
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So, today I gave a speech in Japanese. *pauses to scream* Well. It's over now. Sadder still, this is my last free weekend in Japan -- next weekend will be occupied with closing ceremony and preparations for leaving. ... I hate even thinking about it, honestly, so enough of that. It will come; that's all.

Anyway, short thoughts on what I've seen so far this season, because I don't feel like being introspective~
(too lazy to put pics in either, sorry >.>)
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If you didn't know it, I've been home for nearly a week now (... I guess everyone knew ^^;;). Today was my first day back at work. It was ... boring. Very boring. I don't know if I prefer the children's department of the library to be busy or quiet--busyness can be annoying, but at least the time passes quickly. Either way it's kind of boring, I guess. (Although ... one of the other girls said that one time she found a couple making out down there o_o;; Honestly people, in the children's books?!) Anyway ...
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Yup, yup. That's all. Time to sleep ... work will come again tomorrow.


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