So, today's Japanese exam kind of sucked -- I studied hard, but it was not what I expected it to be. Also, perhaps as a result, I have no motivation to work on any of my projects, which is very bad. But, I did write a poem(s). I need input, however.

12/09/08 (so far, untitled)

The stars are falling from the sky
in tiny glittering pieces,
building up in drifts of white
beneath rubber boots.

We barricade ourselves against the cold:
hat and gloves
our sword and shield,
overstuffed coats
our armor.

Remove these garments
for a vestment of purer white.
Come now
into the warm* presence
of the King of Lights
Let your hearts

*undecided between "warm" and "burning."

I don't need fine-toothed criticism, but tell me, does this work as a poem, or are the pieces too disparate? I can't decide if it is one poem or two (or even three). I don't know yet if I want to submit it to the newspaper for the Christmas issue, but I need to decide by 5 p.m. tomorrow ...

Also, has anyone heard the expression "King of Lights" before? I could swear that I got that from some Bible verse in some sermon, but for the life of me, I cannot find it, so either I misheard/mis-remembered/made it up. (Maybe it was in a song? That seems suddenly more likely. But still, where did it come from?)
mossygirl: (le gasp!)
( Nov. 6th, 2007 00:34)
So, if you spoke to me tonight on AIM, you're probably wondering why I'm updating instead of working on my "creative project"/paper. Well. I have a perfectly good explanation. I wish to share my sonnet (now edited with notes!), as well as some exciting news.
Jeremiah 29:11 )
The weather was very lovely to the general populace today. I could tell by the amount of couples congregating all over campus as I returned to my dorm after copy editing. Yes, even if it's dark, we can still see you holding each other. And we are disgusted.

Love in the air does not make a difference to me, because I am

The Cold Fish

The best way is to
gut her emotions
embrace her in batter
and fry her to a warm, soft consistency.

concerts, midterms, pressure walking and other things )

It would probably be sufficient to say, to summarize all my complaints, that, in the areas of interpersonal relationships, homework/grades, and money, I am positively sick of myself.

But like I said, concert tickets, great anime sales and pressure walking ... let's look at the positives.


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