One of my sort-of-resolutions this year was to try to finish some of the anime that I've bought but haven't watched. (Especially since I ended up buying more series at the end of 2012 without finishing the ones I bought back in 2011 xD)

So, of course, the first thing I watch this year is a Korean drama called Prosecutor Princess xD Well, it was also one of the things I bought in's 12 Days of Christmas super sale, so there; one thing off the list. I finished it last Sunday already, but I'm still thinking about it, so I wanted to post a little review -- or perhaps simply a gathering of thoughts since I'm not sure any of y'all are going to be interested in this series. But personally, I loved it~
Goodbye, goodbye, my princeeeeess )
I keep meaning to update and I keep meaning to update and I keep meaning to update.
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