(Two entries in one day! I know lol.)

Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] yaminokaitou. And not doing this over separate days, obviously XD

Day 1- Top 5 Korean Dramas
Top 5 meme )
I'm going to copy [livejournal.com profile] yaminokaitou and start off with just pictures/descriptions of what I bought. Partly because I enjoy crowing over it, and partly because there are far, far fewer pictures of what I bought than of everything else, heh.
I still managed to ramble quite a bit ... )
I write an entry here and there, but I don't seem to ever post it here. It's like I have certain expectations for my LJ entries that they are failing to meet. Or something.
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( Jan. 12th, 2010 23:50)
How long has it been since I did a real entry?

(What amounts to a "real" entry?)
Ikusen no hoshi no you ni )
August has begun, and I have $15 in Borders Bucks (thanks to a survey website that remarkably isn't a hoax) to spend. In the past, I had little trouble saying goodbye to my bonus, but when I stopped by the nearest Borders in July to check things out (haven't been there in a long time), I realized that there was a whole lot I was interested in that they weren't carrying/didn't have in stock. Many titles are "online only." Sigh. I have no experience with Borders' online store, so if anyone has used it, your feedback would be much appreciated.
Meandering, wobbling, woeful silliness )
I always mean to update. Haven't I been starting a lot of posts the same way lately?
life )
I'm not going to let myself get away with not posting; if I do nothing else constructive this break (perish the thought), at least I will write here.
Sagashimono wa nan desu ka? )

Waaah, where do I begin when I don't feel like writing for very long?
I.S. + Mostly inane ramblings )
I'm sure I've accumulated enough to talk about to make an entry worth the time -- in fact, I'm sure I've accumulated so much that I won't remember nearly all the things I had wanted to post on this week ^^;
La la la. The rain comes down, the heat comes up, and I want to cut my hair more than ever x.x
Evil has never loved you like I do )
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( Jun. 15th, 2008 22:33)
I'm behind in my anime watching, probably because I've been reading and playing Odin Sphere (and Tales of the World). I'm already on Cornelius' epilogue chapter! I hope Mercedes' goes as quickly; I'm not sure how much I'll like her.

Anyway -- on to books ^_^
Really, just an entry about books this time )
*pokes LJ* *poke* ... *poke poke* So, um, I suppose you wonder what I've been doing the last few weeks? ^^;;
のびすぎた前髪は~ )
So, I bought the Code Geass artbook today. *wibbles* Yes, I am indeed a weak-willed woman. But I knew it was going to happen sooner or later ^^ And I'm already thinking they had better release one for the second season, because I wants my adorable Rollo and sexy Chinese man ... and more C.C.xLulu porn. (Note: As much as I love this artbook, some of the pics of the females are a bit sketchy, the most being C.C.xCheese-kun [her plushy] >.>)
... I thought I would be posting here more often, but to be honest, just posting at my Japan blog as much as I do takes up a huge chunk of time (... you don't even want to know how long each entry takes to write/arrange/insert pictures; I'm sure I'll be thankful of it in the future though). This entry will just be merch, however, so I don't plan on spending long on it. In case I somehow lose my luggage or what not, I want to prove that yes, this is the stuff that I did indeed have.
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( Jan. 20th, 2008 18:50)
(You'll find a much better post over at my Japan blog, but since I'm slightly ashamed of my fangirl!woah moment yesterday, I thought I'd rather post this piece of it here XD)

So, yesterday I went down to Minami-Hikone with two other girls to shop for video games (specifically, a kanji dictionary for DS) and books/manga. I found Kanji Sono Mama, and since that's what I know, I bought it. That wasn't all I bought however.
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( Dec. 9th, 2007 21:52)
So, earlier today I finished reading the Please Save My Earth manga in its entirety for the third time. (Yes, all 12 bunko/21 volumes.) Sooo good. Each time I read it, I become utterly entangled and emotionally involved in the story and characters. It's kind of awful, though, that whenever I read it, I can't stretch it out; I have to read the whole series all at once.

(I know, I could've spent those 12 or so hours studying for finals, right?)

... I've been trying to rustle up a copy of the anime OAV for a while, but ... well, I finally tried to order one I found last week. Then, after charging my debit card for the cost of the DVD, I got an e-mail saying that it turns out they didn't have any stock left (since PSME is out of print, there's no chance of their getting more in). Um, they had better refund me. I sent an e-mail saying as much, but they haven't gotten back to me, grr. I really wish places would wait to charge until, you know, they know they have the merchandise you've ordered. At least they no longer list the DVD as being in stock ...

Hmm. This post's purpose is procrastination. I am not looking forward to my finals. There seems to be far too much to do, but since I don't want to do any of it, I sit here, doing nothing.

Oh, by the way ... my poem did appear on the cover of the newspaper this past Friday. Heh, I'd nearly forgotten already, having gotten so wrapped up in other things. Which is probably good, because whenever I think of all those strangers reading my (sub-par? I wonder) work, I feel a bit strange myself. Did that poem really deserve the treatment it got--a poem that I wrote in one weekend, for this specific purpose? A poem that probably would've been rejected by the campus literary magazine? (Well, I've already figured out that my poetry is not their type of poetry, regardless of quality.) A poem that was the only option available for the cover? (No one else submitted anything, so weren't they kind of stuck with using my poem?) I do not mean to say that I do not like the poem; I do like it. I'm just an awful judge of my own work and a self-doubter to boot.

Anyway, since then a number of people have complimented me on it, which is sweet of them. And hey, free press. I am proud that I can be above the fold of the paper. I do not think that has ever happened before. I am proud to be part of the newspaper staff. They are a lovely group of people (usually ^_~), and I will miss them ...

But let's not get into that, because this is just a filler post, right? ^_~

I'll be home this Friday, so ... yup, yup. Have a good week, all, and good luck to those of you who like me will be suffering through finals.
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( Sep. 17th, 2007 22:58)
This afternoon, I had an exceedingly pleasant time sitting beneath a tree on the commons lawn, reading John Donne for my 17th c. Brit Lit course and looking in full like one of those smiling college students that grace the covers of college propaganda everywhere.

Except, though the weather was warm, it was a cloudy, windy day. All the better for me; I had the whole lawn almost to myself ^_^
Days when the rain and the sun are gone )
In short, this post has no point, other than to delay the inevitable (and rob me of my precious hours of sleep). benkyou benkyou~
Hum hum hum.
Please Save My Earth loverant )
. . . Anyway. I think I had some stuff to say (like how I went to a wedding shower for Traci's brother tonight), but oh well. Once again, my obsessions take over. Silly me.

Will you forgive me? I hold in this internet album KITTEN PICTURES! *click here* Yes, that's right, I finally went through the task of uploading and electronically labeling a whole album of pictures of the seven adorable kittens that took up residence in my garage (okay, my mom trapped them and put them in there so we could domesticate them and give them away--and spay their mother so there'll be no more homeless cats around). I miss them ... That's about it. Enjoy.


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