I'm going to copy [livejournal.com profile] yaminokaitou and start off with just pictures/descriptions of what I bought. Partly because I enjoy crowing over it, and partly because there are far, far fewer pictures of what I bought than of everything else, heh.
I still managed to ramble quite a bit ... )
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( Dec. 22nd, 2011 20:59)
Has anyone seen The 10th Kingdom? I'd always heard it was a good fantasy mini-series, but now that I've checked it out from the library and watched the first hour and a half ... I'm just not feeling it at all. (The combined dumb of the trolls and the main character's dad is making my headache today worse ...) Does it get any better, or should I just quit where I am? Seven hours is too much to commit if it doesn't improve D: (But I like so many of the movies and mini-series fans of this like, so you'd think I would like this too.)

I finished watching La Corda D'Oro last night. Ah, it was a good series~ However, I was disappointed that there wasn't any confirmed romance. Not to spoil things too much, but I feel like anyone going in should probably know that, as far as the anime is concerned, there is no "main guy." It's basically a harem end XD Or more accurately, HinoxMusic. All those lovely guys helped her along the way and she's very grateful, but she loves the violin, she loves the music, they (she and the music) will be together FOREVER~ Well, despite that, I still really enjoyed watching it and seeing all the characters develop. They were all pretty likable. I'll have to hunt down the special endings now ... Also, the game. I wanna play~ Oh, oh, and some classical music~! If there's one thing this show was effective in, it was in making me want to check out more works by the composers featured.

I can't believe Christmas is so near. I don't feel much in the Christmas spirit ... but at least I'm going to have a few days off. It'll be good to have a break. Very, very good.



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