I was attempting to fit all my new anime on my shelves the other day. I ... actually managed it, though I had to turn everything sideways. So, I made a new inventory list ^o^ Sadly, my shelves are not as neatly ordered as the list. Heh.
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( Dec. 13th, 2011 22:21)
To accommodate those who wish to make a list of the anime I own that they would like to watch ...
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Reading, playing video games, writing, watching stupid TV, bugging my cat ...
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I'll probably post more on my classes once I've gotten through more than one of them. For now, it's time for quizzes and an anime inventory.
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Okay. You asked for it (again), so here it is: an (updated) inventory of all the anime and manga that I own (not including anything taped off t.v. or sitting my computer). I may have missed something or other, but I'll add if I find I did. But I'm pretty sure that this is everything (though I'll be sure to check my dorm shelves when I return). "End" in incomplete indicates the volume listed is the final volume of the series.

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Again, this everything I already have, NOT a wish list for what I want (I could make one, but it'd be too long. And I'm not that nice). Honestly, you don't need to get me anything. However, if you wish to borrow any of this stuff from me or watch it with me when we next see each other or what not, let me know and I'll probably comply (not Bleach, though, sorry o.o). I guess that's it. Let me know if you think I left something out. Yup *runs away*

NOTE: If any/all of this sounds familiar, it's because I cut and pasted the entry I made last time, with a few revisions.


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