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( Jan. 28th, 2007 00:47)
I've finished a good number of the goals I posted last entry ... well, all of them now, actually ^_~ Even though it's technically my birthday all ready, I have a gift for you: A short bit of canon!BloSu for Aya's (very late) Christmas present. It's not long and I haven't really edited it *bad me* but I wanted to post it right away since I'm so behind ~_~ *gomenasai!* Awfully short, but I hope you enjoy desu~ (Note: I added about a half page from the last long ago update so you can have some idea of where we are ^^;; Last time Chloe shopped with Merriweather and then dropped her off at Frederick's apartment to get groceries. Bah, sounds so boring o.o)

a scene of domestic tranquility )

Abrupt ending desu~ ... but I'm going to pass out from sleepiness, so I will write more later, I hope, when I'm more awake and not a teenager anymore ^^;;
Better late than never ... Jen requested BloSu for her Christmas fic and said crack was okay. This isn't really crack, and it isn't really new, either (I'm such a cheater, but I offer a refund if you don't like it, Jen-chan ^_~). You might think of this as a later part of an AU version of BloSu ... or non-canon or non-fan-fanfiction or whatever. Point is, it doesn't follow from the last section and will have no place in the version of BloSu that I'm writing. I originally wrote it about a year ago (and for some reason the writing quality is below average, even for me x.x) with the intention of it fitting in eventually but changed my mind on some major things. More on that in the author's note at the end ^^ And to make sure I did something for this draft, I added stupid cracky author's commentary in [brackets] which I blame wholly on Death Note and porn (I don't mean Death Note porn, I mean L thinking porn is normal for teenage boys like Raito--who is so completely, 'hmm. girl in bathing suit. *no reaction* *turns page*'--and my goodness I am so, so very sorry o.o;;). But this story is not dirty in any way! *phew*

I don't see what this has to do with me playing matchmaker )
Okies, first of all ...

Meme gacked from Alyson and Ochibi ... without even a comment, sorry ^^;; )

Okay, that was long ... now for the good stuff ^_^; Which is, unfortunately, far too short. I wrote about a page in the last week or so and, added to the half page that'd been sitting on my laptop for literally months, I have just enough *gasp* to constitute an update. Yes, for Bloodsuckers ^____^ It stinks, though o.o I haven't even proofed most of it *ashamed* Oh, well *shrug* ^^ (By the way, you will find this unabashedly odd and possibly immoral without the context of the previous chapters, so um, read accordingly?)

But . . . they're *his* towels. )

So, it ended randomly, and who knows when there'll be more (and it sucks o.o). Sorry. I can't even make anything exciting happen at the moment, because it's too early in the story (I thought about it, but it'd totally screw up the pacing x.x) *Anyway* If I ever do another draft of BloSu (which I should do, but am putting off), this part will likely be completely re-written. Yay ^__^
I feel like such a dork for posting this. It required little effort and isn't very exciting at all. But, if you ever wondered what Frederick would answer if he were to take one of those silly internet quiz things, then wonder no longer O.o

I don't wear make-up. Ever. )

Bah. It didn't do what I wanted at all. Maybe later I'll actually write up an actual "interview" of Frederick, but I didn't know what questions to ask (... I might be willing to take requests). So, yeah. I don't even know why I'm posting this x.x
Heh. It's been over four months, hasn't it? Yeah . . . I left a bit more of the last part in this one then usual, because I did a bit of editing on that. Otherwise . . . I haven't done much editing to most of this, so sorry if it stinks (nyah, nyah, I should've brought my draft on that 3 hour car ride...). It's been sitting around for a very long time, just accumulating the odd sentence until it was finally long enough to post. Yup. Enjoy. Or not.

Besides that, it builds character )

Like I said, most of this was really old. I just had more paragraphs laying about than I thought I did, otherwise I would've posted sooner.

The last part with the chemical feels screwy to me (as do other things... >_<), but I felt there should be some way for vampires to use/have knowledge of the elevators that humans wouldn't find out about (I mean, they can't have moveable brick walls everywhere ^_^;;). Also, I'm really annoyed that I still haven't gotten through the shopping part yet. I think it's one of the reasons that I've been so stalled lately--I just don't feel like writing it. It's boring *yawns* But I shall try my best to make it not boring for you lovely readers. Anyway, questions and comments are welcomed as long as you're nice when you cut down my crappy writing ^_^ *phew*
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( Apr. 2nd, 2005 18:45)
Um, the section I last posted is in editing. I haven't made any significant changes, but there's a bunch of small stuff that I switched up. Nothing new, though. So here's the extra I mentioned a while back, a tentative and in progress soundtrack for BloSu. Enjoy.

Music to Drink Blood By )
My, my, it's been a while.

Dear Merriweather )

I think I zapped all the errors, but it's hard to be sure, so please be kind if you notice any. Chloe in this section is a little weird. Chloe is always a little weird, I suppose, because she's playing her own game, and I don't want to lose that, but I don't want to make it too obvious. I was hoping to write past the point of Chloe and Merriweather's fun time together, but it's been so long and I don't have it yet but I did have this, so there you go.
So, finally. A late little reverse birthday present from me to you: the final page or so of chapter three (assuming chapter 3 is over ._.) of BloSu.

Do . . . do you take sugar in your tea? )

As always, you have my apologies for any errors that I missed in my brief skim of these pages prior to posting. This is a rough draft and I don't much like any of my description. It's ick. I do have one clarification (which I'll hopefully work in at some point soon) concerning vampires and food. Merriweather is 'hungry' but Frederick doesn't offer her any blood. Why (besides her lie about just being thirsty)? Vampires, especially new ones like Merriweather, are still able to eat and digest human food. It's not necessary for life (well, depending on how much vampire blood they have-- a crow would definitely need some human food to survive, but a half probably wouldn't), but whether or not they need it, most vampires do enjoy eating human food. Of course, this introduces one of my earliest ideas in regards to BloSu: human-style food for vampires with blood in it (i.e., the coffee at Starbloods, and other stuff, like BBQ chips using "REAL BLOOD*" *blood is in powdered form). That way, vampires can enjoy the processed goodness (oxymoron) of human food while still getting their supply of blood. Yay for that. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it, comment please, yadi yada.
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( Jan. 4th, 2005 12:11)
Well, I wasn't going to update, but I said I would when I had a page, and now I have a page, so even though a page is really too short and we haven't even gotten to Frederick's apartment yet, here it is. That's right, the first Bloodsuckers of the year.

Hai Yai Forces! Hai Yai Forces! )

Well. At least Frederick gave some smidgeon of information in this sad, sad update. At least you know I really am still writing in BloSu now and then. New Year's Resolution, New Year's Resolution . . . . WAAAAHH! x.x

By the way, don't you love my Gundam Seed avie? Yes, that scene really did happen in the anime, but no, it's not as dirty as it seems. Look at Athrun blush! ^_^
So, after nearly a month with no entries and few comments on your entries, I have an apology and, lookie here, an entry. As you probably know, life is pretty hectic. I want to read your stuff. I usually don't have time. When I do have time, I'm usually doing the selfish things that I don't usually get to do because of my lack of time x.x Yes, I'm awful. Yes, I'll try to catch up on stuff after the play. Wah . . . but, because I'm not totally awful, here's a small tidbit of BloSu. Right now, it's very rough draft-ish (especially in Indio parts because, after reading the little of what I said about Indio before, I realized that it needed a major overhaul). But, since I don't expect to be working on it much, I figured I'd get it out now. Maybe when I get it revised I'll repost. Yup. Anyway. Enjoy.

After being a vampire so long ... sometimes one forgets how it is to be human )

Blah. It's so blah. I don't know what I'm doing. I have tidbits, but little direction. But Frederick keeps bugging me. In the past week and a half, I've been externally reminded of BloSu--specifically of Frederick, first name, last name--way too many times to be accidental. Bah. Well, now I wrote something. Are you happy yet, Frederick? No, I don't hate you. I could never hate you. Yes, I'll try to stop being so lazy. *sigh* Anyway . . .
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( Oct. 3rd, 2004 21:44)
I know, it's been forever. This is my first time using LJ with this new journal updating format.... Anyway, BloSu. I'm a little bit out of it, so please excuse any errors. The first section has been sitting on my computer forever, the second section is brand new. And there you go.

Your sense of fashion is very un-vampiric. )

Hmm. How enigmatic. I'm tired. I'm going to bed now . . . @_@
So I managed past a page (almost a page and a half!) and I'm too lazy to check it. But since I haven't blessed you with BloSu in so long, here you go.

The Shower Scene )

As usual, I don't really like it. The description was crap. But my main focus isn't description, so ... it's hard enough to remember to put it in o.o I don't like the last few words because I don't want to give the impression that Merriweather is vain or somesuch silly thing. She's simply checking and re-checking her appearance the same way that I do over and over again in the moring (okay . . . maybe *I'm* just vain ^^;; But I think it's more paranoia). It's kind of too late to care how she looks, since Theodore and Frederick have both seen what she looks like first thing in the morning (why does that sound dirty?), so it's not like . . . uh, anyway. I hope you didn't hate it. That's all.
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( Aug. 23rd, 2004 18:51)
Okay, since I know I won't have time to write for a little while, I wasted time (how does this make sense?) on a picture I drew of Merriweather and Frederick near the end of last school year. It's not a great picture. I can probably point out 10 things off the top of my head that stink about it. This is not a picture I'm asking you to critique. It's just a little extra for Bloodsuckers. By the way, while I think Merriweather isn't too bad for how I imagine her (of course, she looks much better in my mind), Frederick is completely off. He doesn't look like that o_o Though I really love the hat. . . . WARNING: The images are pretty big. I don't know how to resize things . . . sorry >< (now posted in separate window)

Lookie? )

Yeah. It was crappy o_o But I hope you enjoyed it. The end.
Wah. It's awkward. It's boring. It's rushed. I wrote it at midnight last night . . . it's only a page long. But I have now hit the 20 page mark, and it is BloSu, and it is here for you to read. I'll blather some more afterwards.

I cannot answer that )

I think this is now my 'most likely to be completely rewritten' section. Because I don't like it, and in addition I don't know if the conversation that Merriweather overhears . . . well, I don't know what's going to happen or what's already happening behind the scenes, so the conversation currently means very little. It may be more significant once I figure out what's going to happen.

No, no romance yet. Still much too early for that. I've been thinking about how I'll nudge it in, but there are still too many blank spaces in Frederick's past. Anyway, if Frederick and Merriweather liked each other too much and had to share the same living area (it's separate but--more on that later), it could be very, very awkward for me as the auther o_o Cause I refuse to write something like that. Anyway, I can't have all sorts of nice, awkward shoujo-esque scenes if they liked each other too soon ^^
So, in honor of this lovely, cold and gray Friday the 13th, I present to you some lovely, cold and gray Bloodsuckers. Well, Theodore's cold and . . . and . . . okay. Nothing's gray. I lied. Enjoy.

Oh. That’s good. I think. )

So you all think Theodore is up to something, huh? That he’s eeevvviiiiilll?? Well . . . I guess you’ll find out that later ^_~ In other news, Frederick is still off doing . . . something. Mysterious, probably. Or maybe he’s just reading a book. Or crying over the lack of the romance in this story thus far. Or drinking coffee. Or making out with his IMAGINARY UNWILLINGLY VAMPIRIC SUNLIGHT-SUICIDAL EX-GIRLFRIEND!! . . . nope, definitely not that last one XD

By the way, you all caught that the mention of Chloe gave Theodore a definite reaction, right? They have a **//PaST\\** Tee-hee ^_^
So, it was almost a page of BloSu, so I'm posting it. Even if it might disappear later on. But you can enjoy it while it's here. Or whatever.

It's under a page and it has no Frederick. Let's all cry. )

Um, yeah. Merriweather's not undead though. Unless you consider mortality what makes you alive . . . Hmm . . . I guess that's something to think about. But if this stays, it shall be dealt with in the next section. I guess. That's about it. Yeah. No Frederick. I was sad, too o.o
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( Aug. 2nd, 2004 19:43)
Notice that I usually post most of BloSu in short and long bursts then have dry periods? Well, this is a short burst, being under a page, but it pretty well finishes chapter 2. Um, I think. On second thought, chapter 2 might go beyond this . . . I don't know. I may even get rid of this part, though it doesn't have the benefit of telling some about vampires and putting a little bit of "oooh! Cryptic Frederick returns!" in the picture. Yay.

Only fullbloods can create new vampires )

You know, Frederick's attitude toward Merriweather seems much stiffer as the story goes on . . . but I think that's because he feels bad for what he's done. Yup. I hope there were no glaring factual errors in this . . . I just wrote it today (scrapped what I had already written because it was angsty and out of place, though I might use it later--Merriweather was thinking about her family) so I didn't go over it very well. Ah, well, you'd tell me if I messed up somewhere, right? And I know you'll probably have more questions, but remember that there's stuff I'm going to leave for later, haven't figured out yet, or will just be a secret (as in, I'm unable to figure it out so there'll be no explanations). Bah, but I really appreciate the questions, and they often make me think of new things ^_^ Well, that's it.
Yay! Story (notes) time!

Okies, I cannot find my class system sheet *cries many waterfalls* But I remember enough about Crows and have a blurb on titles and percentages so I can fill in some of the Crow details that Traci wanted to know (don't feel like working it into the story yet ^^;;). Enjoy!

Hmm, maybe Bloodsuckers needs a few dozen appendices... )
YES! I am finally successful! I just wrote this so there may be a number of errors. And, yes, I am reposting a bit of the last update because I changed a few things, hopefully for the better (nothing big or important, just little detail/editing stuff that you probably won't even notice). So there's really not that much there. Gomen! But at least it's something, right? (I know, it's been a month.)

Ah, I bet he didn’t tell her it was her first blood! )

So that's it. Yes, a few measly paragraphs of pointlessness. But you learned a new term! Two new terms! Crow and rook. Yup. Now I just have to find my facts sheet so I can remember the rest of vampire society . . . I know they're here somewhere . . . *sigh*
\_/ Oooh! LJ makes me pissy. I had my entry all written and formatted, and it KILLED it! And this took a lot of formatting! OOoooOOooohh!! GRRR!! (Megan, check back for old parts before you read this one). Anyway, this is really long, so don't expect anything for a while ^^;;

And look, she’s blushing! Isn’t that sweet? )

Hope I got everything *grumbles* . . . So, I said something about everybody being tipsy (including Merriweather, Chloe, and me), and is Chloe over the top?, and Merriweather needs to notice her hunger longer instead of all of a sudden, "Oh! I'm so deathly starving that I just need to faint into Frederick's arms . . ." Mmm . . . Frederick . . . I think I sprained my right ring finger . . .


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