I suppose I should update, since I haven't really updated in a while. I was reading some old xanga posts Monday, and it made me wish I'd written more this year than I had. Even in what I thought were boring accounts of my daily life, I found some lovely, hilarious descriptions (if I may preen a bit ... forgive my vanity, please) that I may find use for some day. I may yet return to the time when to leave off an entry for a few days seemed strange.
Interim, events, etc. )
... And I have to go back Tuesday? What the crap. This break has been way too busy to be called a break. I've hardly even touched my break goals, save for many hours spent hunched over my DS.
DS games, because there's nothing to say about work and this is the only other thing I've been doing )
One thing I did do ... today I got a humidifier. It's shaped like a frog. Now, if that isn't fantastic ...
mossygirl: (watching)
( Dec. 25th, 2006 02:33)
Yes, yes, Merry Christmas to all ^_^

Since my family did gifts on the eve instead of the day, I spent most of it caressing playing games on my shiny new black DS lite. Mmmm.
I tried this pomegranate energy drink and it was yummy and it's past one and I'm still here, rambling about DS lite )
I wish you all a lovely and blessed holiday ^^

P.S. Oh, oh, oh! As my Christmas gift to Jen and Traci, the two of you each get to pick a story that you wish me to continue (I'll get to them all eventually, but I'll speed the process up for your requests ^_~) Your options are BloSu, Quentin the pseudo policeman/lecher, Gemy the diaper-changing spacegirl, or the Ariadne/Thes/trolls story. (If I missed one, let me know o.o;;) Yup, yup. I can't guarantee when I'll have that up for you, but I'll do my best to make it soon after your requests are in ^^


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