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赤黄色向日葵 ~ 橙群青紫陽花

Red, yellow sunflower ~ orange, navy blue hydrangea

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Birthdate:Jan 28
Location:United States of America
Website:Scrapped-hime: A Scrapped Princess fansite
Sometimes this is a fiction journal, but as most of my friends have fled from their other weblogs, this is also a personal blog for their sake. When it's fiction, I ask that you respect my property and not re-post it anywhere without my permission (or claim it as your own, which is a very idiotic thing to do). Most of my icons are made by me (using the gimp art program), or otherwise labeled with their creator's name. If you want to use them, credit as appropriate (as in, put "by mossygirl" in the icon comment). The art featured in them does not belong to me and comes from a variety of different anime and manga (and occasionally other stuff o.o). The brushes used are from a variety of sources (most of which I don't remember, sorry), except for the framing brush, which I made myself.

If you want direct information about me, you probably won't find it here. If you really want to know, just ask.

All written contents of this site copyright 2003-present.

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*good* fanfiction, 7seeds, abhorsen trilogy, ai yazawa, akino arai, akira ishida, anime, animorphs, anything involving violins, aural vampire, ayumi hamasaki, bishounen, boogiepop, books, buck-tick, c.c., candy, children's lit, clannad, code geass, code geass r2, coldplay, david bowie, dilandau, directions of destiny, eden of the east, edward burne-jones, ella enchanted, escaflowne, etc., faerie tale theatre, fairy tales, fire, freenote, fruits basket, gail carson levine, golden sun, goose chase, higurashi, higurashi no naku koro, honey & clover, inverloch, j-pop, japanese, jars of clay, jennifer knapp, john william waterhouse, juuousei, jyu oh sei, kakumei shoujo utena, kare kano, kigeki, kirby morrow, kristen d. randle, labyrinth, lelouch, lulu, manga, matsuka, mawaru penguindrum, melon pan, miles edgeworth, mushishi, music, nana, noein, odin sphere, only alien on the planet, pandora hearts, patricia c. wrede, persona 3, phoenix requiem, phoenix wright, please save my earth, reading, reiko shimizu, revolutionary girl utena, rpgs, ruby red squirt, saki hiwatari, scrapped princess, shakespeare, shinichi okazaki, skip beat!, slayers, star ocean, tales of, tales of destiny, tales of destiny ii, tales of eternia, tales of the abyss, terra e, terra e..., the secret garden, threads of fate, toward the terra, twelve kingdoms, twilight snark, vampire game, vampire princess miyu, vampires, van fanel, vienna teng, wataru yoshizumi, webcomics, when they cry, writing, yoko kanno, yuri lowenthal, zettai shounen

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