Well, since I was tagged and all ...

The questions are:
1. Username/real name;
2. Favorite musical artist;
3. Write a sentence on the lines of the paper;
4. Location or where you would like to live one day;
5. Draw a heart;
6. Tag five peeps!

I like making lists in fancy cursive, but printing is my default mode. (I actually prefer the aesthetics of my printing, but uh ... I like using cursive for lists because I used to get a lot of compliments on my cursive and I never ever use it otherwise. I also hated our cursive lessons.) I can be much neater than this, of course.

I'm waiting on a package. I ordered Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny from Natsume's store on Friday (get a free tote bag! ... Except with what I'm paying for shipping/taxes, it's far from free anymore). I got a confirmation e-mail, but nothing since. Did it ship? The page I can look up my order on doesn't even give a status. Even knowing, "Waiting to ship"/"Pending" would be nice. Will I ever see my game? o_o; It's just as well that I caved and also bought Harvest Moon: Tale of Two Towns last weekend (it was on clearance for $15!). Wait, no, it's not. I would have plenty of games to play without putting those on top of the pile x.x /has been on a buying binge lately

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