One of my sort-of-resolutions this year was to try to finish some of the anime that I've bought but haven't watched. (Especially since I ended up buying more series at the end of 2012 without finishing the ones I bought back in 2011 xD)

So, of course, the first thing I watch this year is a Korean drama called Prosecutor Princess xD Well, it was also one of the things I bought in's 12 Days of Christmas super sale, so there; one thing off the list. I finished it last Sunday already, but I'm still thinking about it, so I wanted to post a little review -- or perhaps simply a gathering of thoughts since I'm not sure any of y'all are going to be interested in this series. But personally, I loved it~

But to start, I want to explain how I came to buy Prosecutor Princess. It is all [ profile] yaminokaitou's (Aya) fault. (Thank you xD)

I had never seen a Korean drama before Aya went to Korea and started watching them and then came back and started me on them. But that's not how I got into PP. RightStuf was running a contest for the new series Protect the Boss, and because I was watching my first K-drama (Secret Garden) at the time (or maybe we had just finished it, not sure), I entered on impulse -- a series about a determined young woman who becomes a secretary for an eccentric, immature but ~misunderstood~ and ultimately likable boss sounded like it could be cute. I didn't win the series, but I did win a sampler pack with the first three eps. each of 1000 Day Promise (two people fall in love and die or something, haven't watched), Lie to Me (two people pretend to be married or something, haven't watched), and Protect the Boss (described above). It was a bit funny since, by the time it came, Aya and I had for sure finished Secret Garden, which left me kind of wanting to punch the TV screen and needing a break from K-dramas. (Don't get me wrong, I didn't hate it or anything, but after a while the DORAMA became more than I could handle.) But I was excited by my new goodies nonetheless, so I asked Aya if she wanted to see any of them. "I just don't want to watch Prosecutor Princess or whatever," she told me. 'Eh? Prosecutor Princess? I've never heard of that ...' She meant Protect the Boss (which I ended up watching all of by myself, and enjoying enough that I bought it during the 12 Days sale too, though it also had some overly dramatic moments near the end), but the title Prosecutor Princess stuck in my mind. Once's fabled 12 Days of Christmas sale rolled around in November and RS started listing K-dramas at very cheap prices from the now defunct company YA entertainment, I was curious enough to look it up:

(RS's product page)
"Hye-ri (Kim So-Yeon, The Grand Chef, All About Eve) is a prosecutor whose natural talent and intelligence play second fiddle to her flighty princess airs and fashion obsession. Soon she finds herself being politely shuffled to the corner by her colleagues, including her super-serious mentor Se-joon (Han Jung-Soo, The King & I).

"Hye-ri wants to prove herself to her doubting colleagues, but her efforts often lead to trouble. Fortunately, In Woo (Park Shi-Hoo, What Planet Are You From?), a mysterious, dashing lawyer with a devilish smile and a hidden agenda, keeps showing up in random places and swooping in to rescue the princess in distress. But In Woo's plans become muddled when he begins to fall for Hye-ri..."

"Hmm," I said to myself. "It kind of sounds like Legally Blonde, and I like Legally Blonde. I also like dashing lawyers with devilish smiles and hidden agendas~" And then it went on sale for $17. And I was putting together another order anyway. So I figured, hey, this is my only chance (because YA is gone), so I might as well give it a try!

Good choice, self.

The drama was a little bit iffy at the beginning -- Hye-ri can be really ridiculous, and watching her initial failures is kind of painful. That was OK, though, because I was also amused by it, and I was really just expecting a silly but mildly entertaining show. What made all the difference was the male lead, Seo In Woo. At first, he doesn't look like much (he really looks pathetic on the cover of the set; that pose does not reflect his character at all lol), but seeing his charming but sly personality and slowly beginning to guess at his motives for always being around when Hye-ri needs help -- ooh~ So good. SO GOOD. (His personality is totally my type ♥) After finishing the series, part of me wanted to watch it all over again, just to consider what was running through In Woo's mind during certain scenes. (Not to mention, he and Hye-ri have so many good scenes together. They even made me fall in love with the melodramatic ballad they play: "GOODBYE, GOODBYE, MY PRINCEEEEESS~") OK, but it's not just In Woo. Hye-ri may start out silly, but she improves by leaps and bounds, and I am a sucker for storylines where characters who can't hack it slowly morph into competent and respectable types (her appearance -- from flashy to more subdued -- also changes through the series in accordance with this). Anyway, I found her likable even when she was silly, so when she became competent, she just became more likable to me.

Besides the iffy initial episodes (and one serious scene later on that was unfortunately way too cheesy), the only other complaint I have is that the side characters weren't all that interesting. I was expecting more from them, and they ended up feeling kind of irrelevant. This isn't a huge issue though, since I ended up liking In Woo and Hye-ri so much, even though I generally prefer side characters to leads.

Anyway~ This is my favorite K-drama yet~ ... Which doesn't mean I'm going to become an addict or something, but yeah xD (And Aya, I really do want to see the rest of My Girlfriend is a Gumiho~ From what I've seen, I think I will really like that one too.)

On another note, since I'm finished with PP and stuck in The Last Story, I started watching Moribito yesterday (finally!). I'm already 10 episodes in, go me~ It's pretty good so far; the episodes just zip by. It's been long enough since I've read the novels that I don't remember what's going to happen, heh. (This also prevents me from doing any "That didn't happen in the novel!" nitpicking.) Also, the backgrounds are GORGEOUS. I can't remember the last time I saw backgrounds that pretty in a TV anime. I find the character designs less appealing for some reason, but they are serviceable. Anyway, maybe I'll post some thoughts once I've finished it, whenever that may be.

Oh, oh, and I got in the first set of Mawaru Penguindrum! So exciting ♥ I've already seen it, so I don't have to put it on my list of stuff to watch. ... But I loved it so much the first time that I will definitely want to re-watch it sometime soon.

Maa, nothing else to say other than I'm really hoping I don't get sick. Both of my parents seem to have the flu. There's not much I can do other than keep guzzling my Candy Cane Lane (peppermint green tea, yum~) and hope my immune system is up to snuff ;A;

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Moribito's art was a huge draw for me as well. Pretty backgrounds! And several ugly important characters, but oh well. It does make a change to see buckteeth instead of an endless parade of pretty boys.

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We shall have to finish gumiho one of these days.

yeah, i get prosecutor princess and protect the boss confused all the time. i have no idea why....XD

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Waaai!! It sounds so awesome! I definitely would like to see this eventually, it sounds so cute. xD Ridiculousness and all!

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i don;t know much about k drama, but they sound good!
penguindrum is amazing tho :)

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