As requested, some pics to go along with my last entry~

I realized I never posted my beloved new Yuri plushie (Tales of Vesperia) on LJ, so you get some pic spam of him first ^o^


The Yuri brothers, beneath the best poster ever. (Yes, this is the one signed by Troy Baker *A*)
The first Yuri brother (black hair) is from when I was in Japan (Otome Road~). The second (purplish hair) is the one I really wanted, ordered from HobbyLink Japan and received in October.



Yuri meets my cat Shelby. "Yes, that's right. Sniff my boots!"


My man-plushie collection. Clockwise from top: Yuri-otouto-kun, Yuki from Fruits Basket, Yuri-nii-san, Viral from Gurren Lagann. I have since added Zero from Vampire Knight. (Not my favorite character, but an adorable plushie nonetheless.)

And now, my reorganized anime collection~



Yeah, it's still kinda messy, but I managed to fit all my anime on those shelves xD (My furniture is in the way of getting a more head-on pic, unfortunately. My manga shelves are oppposite the shelf to the left, and impossible to get a good pic of.) You can see Zero-plushie here, on the middle shelf, along with my non-human plushies (Tokunaga, Catbus, Mokona, and Patamon -- Poromon isn't really visible next to Patamon) and some of my figures and Code Geass merch. I guess I should really document my collection, but ... the light is bad today, haha, so I don't feel like taking any more pics right now.

I don't have too much to say about the holidays this year. Everything went fine, and I was grateful for the extra days off. I spent most of my time playing my library's copy of The Last Story. ZOMG, it's awesome~ Yurick and Mirania are my favorites. (Can't resist a whiny, sarcastic, youthful pretty boy with an eyepatch lol. As for Mirania, I can identify with her personality. I wish I could be as cool as her ;A;) I'm around 3/4 of the way through, but I had to return the game, so now I just need to buy it for myself.

[ profile] kazenokaitou and I went to see the Hobbit the weekend before Christmas, which was a lot of fun. I was Bofur back when my high school did the play (10 years ago!), so I have some feelings of nostalgia for the story. Of course, the movie was much better than our little production xD It was definitely worth seeing on the big screen ♥

As for New Year's Eve, my favorite holiday, I spent it with my two best friends, [ profile] yaminokaitou and [ profile] kazenokaitou~ It was so nice to have a reunited NYE after being in three different countries the last few years. We watched Ghost Hunt lol. Watching it again reminded me of its wasted potential, alas. I liked it enough to buy it, but it definitely could've been better. But, it is a good show if you're hungering for some stories that will spook you but not leave you terrified and paranoid.

Now that I've returned TLS, I've been watching my newest Korean drama, Prosecutor Princess. It's kind of like a Korean drama version of Legally Blonde. I must confess: at this point, about halfway through, I love it ♥ It can be really silly and at times dumb, but the main guy is so awesome -- a charming, scheming lawyer who is always showing up by the main girl's side and definitely has a few secrets of his own. (I feel like when they're revealed, I'm probably going to roll my eyes, but if I'm expecting that, it'll probably be OK xD) I can't resist men of the law, apparently. (Well, not so much for the other love interest, Mr. Moustachioed Widower lol.)

Umm. Yup. 2012 was an all right year. It's been great to have my friends back in the same country. Work goes on; not so great at times, but you know, it's a job. My addiction to TinierMe, a dress-up/social site, ended abruptly with the site's demise in December. It was painful in its way, but honestly, it was a good thing that it ended. And, my addiction to Gaia Online has begun, heh, but I don't think it will reach the same levels. (Famous last words? I hope not.)

Ah, I returned to Japan, to Tokyo. That was wonderful, though it feels like a distant memory now.

What else happened last year? Why can't I remember?! I must be getting old. My next birthday is just a few short weeks away ...

Ahh, it's snowing outside~

From: [identity profile]

How lovely~ it's so fun to see pictures of other collections. :DD! You have so much awesome.

From: [identity profile]

You are making me want to display my collection again....I should think about doing it. ^^

From: [identity profile]

I love how you worked in the plushies so they augment the collection of anime/manga. It's like they're watching over parts, or snoozing around, or peeking out. Definitely fun. ^^

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