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Anime possibilities for NYE:

Stuff I have but haven’t seen (or merely started):
-Super Gals – 52 eps. – Comedy - About a group of gals who do crazy stuff and JUSTICE (or something). We obviously would not attempt to watch the whole thing xD

-Moribito – 26 eps. – Fantasy – About a woman who must protect a boy prince.

-Heat Guy J – 25 eps. – Action – About a dude and his cyborg who fight crime (or something). Same director and character designer as Escaflowne~

-World of Narue – 12 eps. – RomCom – About a jr. high boy and his alien girlfriend.

-Figure 17 – 26 eps. – Sci-fi/slice of life – About a young girl who becomes friends with an alien who takes on her form and has to fight other aliens. Also, learns how to make friends.

-Gakuen Alice – 26 eps. – Fantasy – (I’ve seen some of it.) About a girl who joins her friend at a special school for children with “Alices,” magical abilities. Kind of like a cute anime version of Harry Potter, though there were some dark secrets, naturally.

Stuff I’ve seen but you guys haven’t (probably?):
-Ghost Hunt – 25 eps. – Supernatural – About a girl who starts working with a ghost detective bishounen. (Not really scary, though can be spooky.)

-When They Cry – 24 eps. – Horror/psychological – About a boy who moves into a town with a mysterious past, curses, murders, crazy lolis, etc. (Come ooooon, it’s really good!)

-Karin – 24 eps. – RomCom – About an abnormal vampire girl (who gets nosebleeds) who falls in love with a human boy.

-Magic Knight Rayearth – Magical girl – We could watch either first season or second season. You know the drill xD

-La Corda d’oro – 24 eps. - slice of life – About a girl who gets a magical violin blah blah lots of bishounen who play musical instruments!

-Rumbling Hearts – 14 eps. – drama/romance – About MELODRAMA~! Why does no one want to watch this with me; it’s so entertaining!

Stuff from my library:
-Tears to Tiara – 24 eps. – Fantasy – Uh, demon lord something fantasy peoples.

-Steins;gate – 24 eps. (?) – Sci-fi – Time travel and stuff!

-Martian Successor Nadesico – 26 eps. – Sci-fi – (I’ve seen this one.) About a boy who joins the crew of a spaceship. Romance! Action! Secrets! Really good~

-High School of the Dead - 12 eps. - Zombies and boobs? I dunno.

(We have lots of other series, but it's mostly stuff some of us have seen -- Full Metal Panic, Evangelion, Princess Jellyfish, Bleach, Spice & Wolf, etc.)

Stuff that we've all seen but not in a while:
-Outlaw Star

-Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji Love 1000% - Girl goes to school with sexy pop idols. Ridiculousness ensues. I don't actually own it. (It's not out on DVD.)

I'm probably missing some other stuff, so if there's anything you thought I had/wanted to see/whatever, just remind me xD And of course, I'm open to other ideas ...

EDIT: Forgot one:
-Aquarian Age - 13 eps. - fantasy - A guy starts gaining fame with his band and also finds out he's somehow special to a number of supernatural factions. Kind of like X, minus all the tragedy, plus a music/showbiz element.

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