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Oh, I haven't mentioned the new tooth "saga" on here ...

So, on July 2nd, I was eating a piece of candy and the crown on my tooth (which has been bothering me for nearly two years -- yeah, I avoided going to the dentist for that long) came off. Of course, I freaked out. My dentist retired a while back, so I had no idea who to call (also part of the reason why it's been so long). I ended up calling the dentist who used to work with my dentist many years ago and now has his own practice. He was able to see me that very night. After taking an x-ray and poking around my crown-less tooth, he informed me that I would need a root canal. OK, yeah, that was what I expected.

Fast forward to yesterday. I got my root canal done. It seemed OK.

Fast forward to this morning. I woke up in a sweat. And the gum next to my root-canaled tooth is swollen. I stumbled down stairs and felt ill. I was freaking out. Decided to stay home from work because of feeling so badly.

I called up my dentist's office. The receptionist said that some swelling was normal, and recommended I gargle some saltwater. I'm still worried, though, because she asked if it was "infected swelling." Well, I don't know the difference. It's not really painful or heavily swollen, but it is definitely swollen. And now the top of the swelling seems lighter (she asked if it was white when I called and I said no) ... urgh. I might just have to ask if I can come in and just have them look at it. That would reassure me, I think ... or maybe I should wait to see how it is tomorrow.

I don't want to be freaking out over nothing, but if it is something I should be worried about ... obviously I want it to be resolved.

I'm not even sure if my feeling ill this morning was related to the tooth or simply me freaking out early in the morning and scrambling up and down the stairs immediately after waking up (which yes, may result in lightheadedness and nausea when one has just woken up). My feelings of anxiety have had physical symptoms on me in the past as well (sick to my stomach). And it was warm this morning, and I had had blankets over me, so that would explain the sweat.

I feel frustrated being at home with nothing to do, slightly guilty that I'm skipping work, even though I'm sure it would be worse if I were at work. Even though I am not so physically ill as to be unable to get out of bed, I still do not feel well. And this is my first time taking a sick day since I started at my current job ...

Argh, so frustrating. It doesn't help that I was reading articles before the root canal about a boy in Chicago who died a week after a root canal from sepsis (infection). Even though root canals are said to be successful 95 percent of the time. What if I'm in the 5 percent?!

I really need to relax. I'm not making anything better by freaking out. I will call my dentist again if it gets worse. Just relax for now.

I just want this all to be fixed and done with so I can go on with my life ...

EDIT: Called my dentist again. They're giving me another prescription for amoxycillin (which I was taking for about a week before the root canal). I'd feel better if I could go in again and have them actually look at it, but this is better than nothing. I just hope it makes it better ...
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