(Two entries in one day! I know lol.)

Ganked from [livejournal.com profile] yaminokaitou. And not doing this over separate days, obviously XD

Day 1- Top 5 Korean Dramas

Day 2- Top 5 Japanese Dramas
1- Kimi wa Pet - So cute and silly~ And of course, I'm a fan of the older woman/younger guy dynamic, ehehehe.
2- Suppli - Similar dynamic to Kimi wa Pet. Main actress was not very good, but I liked the plots of some of the side characters.
3- Nobuta wo Produce - Two boys try to makeover a girl. Funny/cute, but has a dumb ending.
4- Proposal Daisakusen - (now I'm reaching) Silly/stupid but funny
5- Himitsu no Hanazono - Never finished this one because what I heard about the ending made me disappointed, but this was a funny story of an editor who finds out a famous shoujo manga-ka is not a woman but four brothers (the old one, the hot one, the weird one, the adorable one).

That's pretty much all of the Japanese dramas I've seen more than one episode of, so only the top two are really ones that I like/would watch again o_o; Though I'd probably finish HnH if given the chance.

Day 3- Top 5 Taiwanese Dramas

Day 4- Top 5 American Dramas
1- Game of Thrones - The books have an addictive quality, and so does the TV series, despite the occasional HBO (TM) nekkidness/sexposition.
2- Once Upon a Time - Fairy tale characters are stuck in a town in Maine! This one varies from really amazing episodes to some really groan-worthy ones (like the one where the nuns are trying to sell candles ... OK, show). But Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold is so awesome that I can forgive the weaker moments.
3- Uh. Let's go back in time! The X-Files are awesome. They should actually be above Once.
4- Firefly! Sure, that's good. It was too short, but enjoyable while it lasted.
5- Criminal Minds - Because who doesn't love FBI agents tracking down serial killers with the power of logic? Also, Reid is ♥ (Haven't watched this in a while though.)

I'd probably have different shows on here if I went back to the age when I actually watched a lot of American TV. It was only a fluke that led me to watch Once, though Game of Thrones was an inevitability with how much I enjoyed the books.

Day 5- Top 5 Video Games
1- Threads of Fate - The original game that made me fall in love with games. It compelled me to buy a PS1, which was my gateway to RPGs.
2- Tales of the Abyss - My favorite Tales party. My favorite Tales plot. My favorite Tales game. It's not perfect, but there's very little I would change. (I really can't choose between ToF and TotA.)
3- Odin Sphere - In a word, this game is gorgeous. I love the fairy tale feel of it, the beauty and the tragedy and the hope.
4- Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - The game that made me want to be a lawyer. At least, you know, for a day. And only if I can go face to face with a certain cravat-wearing prosecutor in a magenta suit *_*
5- Tales of Graces f - My current Tales darling. Not as altogether strong IMO as Abyss, but I love love love the characters. Hubert and Pascal and Sophie and Richard are all amazing and even Malik has really grown on me. Some of the subevents are really poignant too. Also, some are hilarious.

Close runners up would be Tales of Eternia, Xenosaga series, Legend of Mana, Harvest Moon games, 999. Too hard to choose!

Day 6- Top 5 Characters
Of everything? Ever?! I have difficulty even making a list of my favorite anime characters, so, like Aya, I'm gonna skip this one o.o;

Day 7- Top 5 Movies
1- The Princess Bride - Classic of my childhood, and I've seen it a million times. Both completely hilarious and sincerely romantic. Has a happy ending (of course). Also, Cary Elwes ♥
2- The Philadelphia Story - While it is a great comedy, it has much to say about what it means to love another person, to see past their flaws, to trust in them -- and to forgive them. Also, Cary Grant ♥ (There something about Cary XD)
3- The Last Unicorn - The other favorite of my childhood that survived the test of time. A beautiful movie. (Also, probably kickstarted my love of fantasy and animated films.)
4- Jurassic Park - The dinosaurs still terrify me XD It's hard to say what made me like this movie so much, but I do.
5- Stranger than Fiction - A quirky movie about a boring man who discovers an author who kills her characters has started narrating his life. He promptly decides to start living with abandon.

Other perennial favorites are Tangled, Tony Takitani, Linda Linda Linda, Spirited Away, Wall-E, Labyrinth, and Whisper of the Heart. I might've included Pride & Prejudice (A&E/BBC version), but it's really not a movie.

Day 8- Top 5 Anime
1- Escaflowne - My first favorite anime, and still so dear to my heart.
2- Code Geass - I love it even though I have very little respect left for it XD
3- Mawaru Penguindrum - Latest favorite, probably will drop down after a while. But I loved the characters, and I loved digging deep into the symbolism and allusions.
4- Clannad After Story - It makes me so emotional T_T Really a beautiful love/family story. TOMOYAAAAA ♥
5- Mushishi - A quietly lovely anime. Lush and mysterious and enthralling.

A category that is *extremely* difficult to limit, so to continue: Noein, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (including Kai), Princess Jellyfish, Honey & Clover, Eden of the East, Revolutionary Girl Utena, 12 Kingdoms, Slayers Next, Outlaw Star. No particular order. Escaflowne is always the top of my list; the rest is ever shifting.

Day 9- Top 5 Manga
1- Please Save My Earth - I will never love another manga like I love PSME. Amazing characters and an epic story about identity, love, and reincarnation. With a side of aliens and psychic superpowers XD
2- Strobe Edge - The cutest shoujo romance that ever cuted. The protagonist is, unlike most shoujo protagonists, completely adorable. The love interest is a sweetheart (and cute). It's so cute! It's cute all the way through! *3*
3- Kare Kano - A wonderful slice of life/romantic comedy/character study, and one of my first manga.
4- Kagen no Tsuki - Representing my love for Ai Yazawa. Nana would be here, but some of the later developments drove me nuts, and I fear it will never be finished. Anyway, this is a little bit different from Ai Yazawa's usual manga, but it's a really good manga~ (Unfortunately the movie version was COMPLETE AND UTTER CRAP UGH.)
5- Oboreru Knife - This one's still on-going, but I love it so far. The premise of a city girl moving out to the country and meeting a boy is simple enough, but it has a strange, mysterious feel and an air of maturity (despite the characters being in junior high). It's definitely different from the average shoujo.

Other current favorites: 7Seeds, Venus in Love, Princess Jellyfish, Futago, Bitou Lollipop, Suppli, Kimi wa Pet, Sand Chronicles and approximately a billion more because I'm always reading a ton of shoujo and jousei.

Day 10- Top 5 Books
1- Ella Enchanted - Gail Carson Levine
2- The Only Alien on the Planet - Kristen D. Randle
3- Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
4- Abhorsen trilogy - Garth Nix
5- A Song of Ice and Fire series - George R.R. Martin

And of course I've enjoyed so many books over the years that I can't even make a list beyond this because it would take forever.

I guess I haven't mentioned it on here, but we've had two cute kittens and a very hissy mama cat in our garage for a few weeks now. We're trying to tame them. We'll see about that. The kittens are certainly adorable though. I'll post pictures if I ever get around to it D:
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