Severely jetlagged. My stomach is still queasy from airsickness (felt ill half the flight; almost vomited on the landing, ugh, that's a new one), and I feel a bit unsteady on my feet. But uh, yeah, other than that ... back in the States with a heavier suitcase and a lighter wallet, hurrah!

I guess I might post some stuff here, hmm ... but not right now. (Which means, don't hold your breath, or you'll die :D)

From: [identity profile]

I'm glad you're back! and judging by FB i see you had lots of fun! :D Get over that Jetlag quick!

From: [identity profile]

WELCOME BACK!! please get some rest then update us!!! =3 jeez that was a pretty short trip! T.T

From: [identity profile]

Welcome home! Hope to see pictures of what you did/bought eventually, but no hurries.... ^^

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