While sitting at my laptop in the basement, I heard a distant sound like thunder, an ever-so-soft rumbling, obviously far off. Too consistent for natural phenomena, though. It went on for a while. I wonder what it was ... ?

(Maybe drilling in the quarry ... ?)

The MRI went fine, but my mom told me my granpa's been very confused today. He mumbles things that don't make sense. He tries to put on his slippers and asks, "Is it time to go home?" "You're at home, Dad. You're in your bed," my mom tells him.

After my uncle came in, my granpa asked, "Who's that man?"
"That's your son."
"No, not him. The other man. Should I talk to him?"

He knew who my uncle was. He thought someone else was there.

I know this sort of thing is often seen in those who are dying ... "but I don't think he's dying," my mom added, after echoing my own thoughts. Or maybe she just said that because I was getting teary-eyed (though I kept it under control). I don't know why such a thing should disturb me more than the falls (he fell again yesterday, though not badly, we think -- he forgets that he's fallen and that he needs to be careful) and the pain he's already gone through, but it does. I don't really believe in ghosts or anything. Angels, OK, that's nice and comforting, but even then, there's nothing to say he's not just hallucinating ... but of course that doesn't make it any better because hallucinating people who aren't there is pretty terrifying.

(Even if the part of me that loves creepy stories wants to ask what this person looks like.)

Even though his memory has been very bad for a long time (he can remember people fine, but he forgets what he did five minutes ago), his mind seemed to be intact. Today he seemed to be unraveling.

It's only Tuesday ... I just want it to hurry up and be Friday so I can leave as fast as I can and not look back. (Yes, I'm being awfully cowardly.) So long as I make it to Japan, to my friends, whatever happens after that is fine. Though it'd probably be good if I visited my granpa before then ...
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