Your result for The Song of Ice and Fire Personality Test...

Bran Stark

You scored 230 Adaptability, 180 Humor, 310 Integrity and 120 Activity!

When I sleep I turn into a wolf. Do wolves dream?

You are Bran Stark

You have big dreams in life, and you get frustrated with those who think you are unable to achieve them. You love to explore and wish for more adventure in your life. You are generally introverted when it comes to interacting with others, though you have you have been known to have a few rather crazy outbursts. You love animals and feel connected to them. You have psychic tendencies and you know far more about life, and the world, than you let on. You are adventurous, perceptive, and resolute.

You also similar to Catelyn Stark and Robb Stark. Your polar opposite is Asha Greyjoy.

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I am fine with this, because I ♥ Bran -- though he is definitely more adventurous/stronger than me (that little boy's been through a whole lot). He was pretty much the first character in Game of Thrones who I got really attached to.

If you happen to take the quiz, do share your results! I'm interested :D

Work right now is just hnnnrgh. Even though I have three days left til my vacation begins, I feel like I can't even get a fraction done of what I would like to accomplish. It's very frustrating. I'm really tempted to take a picture of all the crap lovely things covering the unused desk that I've been using in addition to my cart. (Actually most of it is lovely. I even have a manga order I've really wanted to work on, but unfortunately I haven't had the chance.) It really is disgusting; it makes me feel very ineffectual. (The director came back the other day and saw it and was like O.o Do you need an assistant? Nope, just in March and April.) And then one of the reference librarians gave me an order for about 160 books, which is a HUGE amount -- fortunately all fiction, so I don't have to process them beyond putting the records in the system -- and that took up the whole of my afternoon. At least I got the beginnings of our video game collection out today ... unfortunately something did not go through correctly in the system (not my fault, though), so the check-out process was all messed up. And I thought the reference librarian (the cute nerdy one) in charge was going to put up some signs or something to make the collection more visible, but there's nothing. It's quite the hidden section for now. I wouldn't mind putting something together myself, but ... NO TIME RIGHT NOW T_T

From: [identity profile]

The library does video games? That's pretty awesome. I wonder if ours does....

From: [identity profile]

It's a brand new thing for us (these were our very first games), but plenty of libraries have had them for a while, so there's a decent chance your library does too.

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