I'm finding it difficult recently to talk about ... difficult things on here, but hey, there's always room for frivolous stuff! So on that note, picspam time!


Having never ordered online from GameStop, I had no idea how amazingly quick their free (at least, it was free when I ordered) preorder shipping can be! Didn't Xenoblade only release yesterday? oAo


As I expected, the preorder bonus artbook is nothing to write home about. It's approx. 20 very stiff color pages, with only staples binding it. Still, I am certainly not averse to free stuff, haha (and I didn't even know the artbook was happening when I preordered the game, so there you go).


(Apologies for my lack of photographing skills XD)

While I had my camera out, I was like, Oh, let's take some more pictures of stuff I bought semi-recently!


I'm really glad I ordered the LE Hakuoki set that came with the artbook. It's still a smallish book (and it and the LE box got slightly dented in the shipping process, though not enough for me to try to get a replacement), but it does have some lovely art in it~

This is the LE box for Princess Jellyfish (AKA Kuragehime). Such a cute show, and I received the adorable Clara jellyfish keychain for preordering it (it was also on sale at the time, of course XD)

This is the current setup of my desk/laptop, after I had to move it because of the window issue (as I said before, the blanket is there to cover a vent to our laundry room). Yes, I am messy :D And yes, Shelby likes to sit in my chair, haha.

And of course, here's the reason why even though I'm excited for Xenoblade, I don't expect to play much of it for a while XD I'm probably about ... half-way through? (I'm so bad at estimating these things.) I'm almost finished with the Fendel chapter in any case, and I'm still enjoying everything immensely -- just as much as I enjoyed it the first time around. And of course some things are a little bit clearer now that I'm playing in English, though it seems like Aya and I understood things pretty well in Japanese.

Now ... to go back to Graces or to briefly check out Xenoblade?
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