A little bit after midnight last night, I shut down my computer and brought my water glass up to the kitchen. As I headed for the sink, I saw a small, dark shape hurtling along at the back of counter.

I was quite startled and let out a quiet "W-w-whaaaaaa!" before I realized what it was. A mouse! My mom found some droppings last week, but seeing it is a little bit different from hearing there's a mouse in the house. (Fortunately, the mouse droppings have put my dad into gear on fixing the windows down here.)

Poor little mousey. You're probably going to die if you stick around here D:

... I keep thinking I'm going to write about work, but going to work is exhausting enough without thinking about it outside of work, haaa. And then how my granpa was calling people up to say "goodbye" on Sunday because he thought he was dying ... he fell on Friday and has been in pain, but he didn't take anything for the pain (he doesn't like doctors/hospitals, so that was out; he didn't break anything, at least), so he's just been suffering. My mom checked up on him that day and gave him some pain relievers, and ... well, he's still in the land of the living so far. My mom's been fairly cool-headed about it outwardly, but I know she was worried before she visited him; even though my uncle lives with him, she's really the "dependable" one who does everything. She said he's doing fine other than the pain from the fall. He's doing all right for a 97 year old, but ... my granpa is ready to die. He asks, "Why am I still alive?" He's become so frail, and his short-term memory is gone. It's ... very sad. Of course, I would be very sad if he died too. For all we know he could live to be 100, but ... I don't really think that's what he wants. Anyway, it's certainly nothing I have control over, so there's no use in dwelling on it. But if you feel so inclined, if you could say a prayer for him ...

Ah, through the new window down here, I can see the yellow crescent of the moon, slowly being obscured by vegetation as it sinks lower. ...

From: [identity profile] yaminokaitou.livejournal.com

Urk, a mouse! We had a mouse in our house a year or so ago (he snuck in through the garage X_X). Hope you get rid of yours fast.

Edited Date: 2012-03-28 10:08 (UTC)

From: [identity profile] rafira.livejournal.com

do you think you'd be able to rescue the mouse? :O

it's a pity to hear about your grandfather, but it's still impressive he's still chugging on after this long.

From: [identity profile] aelvana.livejournal.com

*dies laughing at the comment about the mouse*

Well, it would give the cat something to do...... if she's not just going to roll her eyes at it and go back to sleep.

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