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My mom's put a cuckoo clock in the kitchen.

It doesn't work. (I found this out after staring at it for nearly 5 minutes, waiting for the cuckoo to come out. ...) My brother picked it up quite some time ago from who knows where (he tends to accrue junk/treasures) and was going to get rid of it because some connection is loose so that when it hits the hour, it can't ... cuckoo. Anyway, my mom figures she can try to fix it, because after all, a cuckoo clock is not something she would normally buy, so hey, a curiosity!

We know it was made in Germany, but have no idea how old it is. I suspect it's probably just a souvenir from a gift shop somewhere, but it is still kind of neat. Carved wooden leaves and bunches of black fruit (grapes? berries?) surround the face; an owl looks out from above it, and a wolf from below.

My overactive imagination wonders if there is some evil sealed inside it, preventing the cuckoo from emerging--! ... No, of course not. It's just a loose wire or something. It might not even be as old as the grandfather clocks we have, so why should it have such an interesting back story ...?


I ordered a brand new PS3 yesterday from Amazon. Part of me says, don't get so excited; better to be calm so that the wait and anticipation won't wear on me (and so I don't overreact over anything again ...). But of course I can't help checking my Amazon account every few hours to see if it's shipped yet, haha. The other one came so quickly; I bet I'll have to wait this time around ... haaa. Must be patient.

(For some reason, Matantei Loki Ragnarok's OST keeps coming up on my iTunes, and ... I really like most of what continually comes up~)

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Wah, a cuckoo clock! I have never actually seen one of those irl. Hope you get it fixed!!

PS3! You didn't get a bundle or anything, did you?

From: [identity profile]

Sounds like some fun inspiration for a story, at least. ^^

From: [identity profile]

that's sort of cool, i hope you guys can get it to work again!! is it pretty enough without the bird coming out?

did you get a refund or something for the other one?

From: [identity profile]

It is pretty cool looking, even without a cuckoo :D

And yeah, I sent the other PS3 back for a refund.

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