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It's my fault for reading creepy things in the evening, but ...

Can I say that doors unnerve me? (Somehow this entry got really long, heh.)

I had to move my laptop and the desk it sits on last week. The wall I've had it against in the basement for something like seven years (well, three if you dismiss the four years I spent only summers here because of college) has been having ... problems. Basically, my desk was beneath a ground-level window, and the window's sill was all rotten. ... Things can get through. There were those disgusting bugs that endangered my mental state last summer -- my mom now agrees with me that they were likely termites -- and crickets just a few months back, and more recently, scratching noises in the wall that I very much suspect were mice. The mice couldn't get in, and my parents were quick to assure me that the wall itself is going to be fine because termites obviously don't eat concrete, but ... I came home one windy day last week to find a fine layer of dirt/sawdust on top of my (closed) laptop, and that was it. I don't want to come home and find my precious Sho-chan buried in debris or soaked or covered in bugs or what have you. So I moved.

Now my desk is against a different wall of the basement. (Alas, thanks to my lovely bookshelves, there is no room for a desk in my bedroom.) I'm still by an outlet. The window and all of its problems are plenty enough far away that I am not worried about another infestation (my dad'll have to take the window out once it gets warmer and try to fix things), but this spot has its own problems.

For one thing, and this is minor, anyone coming in the back door (which is the door everyone uses) can directly see me. I don't think this extends to someone on the other side of the door (which would be creepy), so it's really just my family and whomever of my brother's or parents' friends who happens to come by.

The next two things deal with the "other side of the basement." There are two halves to our basement, divided by a wall. One half is where I spend much of my time; it is "finished" and has a couch, rugs, TV, chairs, my desk, fireplace, etc. It's pretty cozy. The other half is unfinished -- exposed ceilings, concrete floor, all that. It's got a utility tub, freezer, furnace, cellar, and (because of my parents' questionable decision making) the only shower in the house. (The bathrooms only have bathtubs.) So yeah, certainly it is a well used room. But being unfinished, it can be a little unnerving. It is always cold in there -- because of the concrete floors and lack of "warm" elements, to be sure, but yeah. With the right conditions, it can be creepy -- like when a poor little bird somehow got into the water heater, and I kept hearing it scratching and flapping from the other side of the basement without knowing where the sound was coming from or what it was.

So anyway. My laptop/desk is now against the wall that divides the basement (on the cozy side). But.

First off, there is a large vent by my legs. We changed our furnace recently, so the vent is not used, but through it I could *feel* the chill of the other half of the basement, because you know, it's open to the other side. I immediately hung a blanket behind my desk to cover it. (I guess it'll be nice in the summer.) (... It also bothers me that it's large enough that a small person, i.e., child, or animal could fit through it, but of course you'd have to remove the vent and who would want to because you just end up behind the furnace, which is visible on the other side of the basement and anyway, I'm just unnecessarily bothered by this lol.)

Second -- the doors.

There are two doorways -- one single door and one set -- between the sides of the basement. One is the door at the bottom of the steps that everyone uses. It used to be left open all the time, but this winter I've taken to closing it, because again, it gets cold on the other side of the basement, and I don't like letting the cold on this side (especially not when the fireplace is on).

The set of doors is now immediately to my left, though the wall there is recessed back about a foot. These doors are almost never opened. They are made of dark wood, with pretty glass knobs that do not turn. There are keyholes beneath each knob, but as far as I know, there are no keys, and the doors probably can't even lock; there's nothing like a bolt or latch. They open out into this room with a click. (I have no idea what name to put to a door that opens this way.)

All that's on the other side of those doors is the dark basement -- the cellar, the shower, the furnace; all familiar things. But when I'm in a paranoid state (induced by reading creepy things, as I do), I can't help by think something's going to burst in from the other side, and here I'll be clacking away at my keyboard D:

(At this point, my cat gets up from her spot on the couch and meanders up the stairs. NOOOO ALL ALOOOOOONE!)

I guess that's my problem with doors -- that niggling curiosity of what's on the other side. (It's fortunate that my closet is too small for anyone to hide in.)

I'm reminded of when I stayed at a friend's cottage the last two summers. There were so many doors in those bedrooms -- my friend's room had at least three, and the others were the same as I recall. One out of the room, one for the closet, fine, but the third ... ? I think several of the doors connected to a mutual attic-type storage space, which is ... extremely creepy to me. We ended up all pulling mattresses into one room, for which I was glad, because ... too many doors *shivers*. (Of course, I ended up sleeping facing a mirror leaning up against one of the doors ... which is not any better when you open your eyes in the relative dark and see a shadowy figure looking back at you. After checking with my friend, I turned it around for the rest of the time I was there, heh.)

(Cat came back; all is well.)

... That ended up being really long. Long enough that I'm not so unnerved anymore, hurray~ Today was a very nice day, by the way. The weather was warm and extremely windy, and I got to take a walk to the post office (to send a package for work). So lovely to take a walk when the weather is in the 60s. The wind whipped my sweater and hair back, and it felt absolutely heavenly.

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That reminds me of our cottage stay at my grandparents', and we all spread out in the living room with blankets because we were too afraid to sleep in the bedrooms.

Urgh. That window thing does not sound pleasant. I hope you get it fixed ASAP.

From: [identity profile]

it does sound creepy!!! i hate bugs too.... but it's sad you're all alone in the basement. you really really need a desk to work on? i guess make sure the room's always well lit, and put furniture in front of the door if you can. pity you haven't got privacy in there.

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Doors can be very unnerving. ^^ I'm not bothered by them much except when I want to be alone, and then if they're not bolted it's really distracting.

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