I typically wait to buy video games I'm interested in until the price goes down, or at least until I can get some discount on them. I buy a lot of used games too.

But this year I've been doing some preordering.

First, it was Xenoblade (technically preordered last year), because I had already preordered during Operation Rainfall, so I wanted to show my support once the game was confirmed for an official release. I mean, it doesn't do much good to say "I'll preorder this game because it looks awesome!" and then flake out once it's really coming. Anyway, I suspect since it's a release exclusive to GameStop, there won't be a surplus of copies floating around to get discounted -- unless it succeeds well enough to come out at other retailers. (This game still isn't out, but I am looking forward to it. As is my Wii, which hasn't been used since Harvest Moon Animal Parade. Plus, there's going to be a bonus artbook for preorders~ *loves bonus crap*)

Then I preordered Hakuoki, because how often do otome games come out? Very, very, very rarely. Even though I suspect it'll be available for cheaper later on, since I like otome games and want more to be translated into English, once again, I wanted to show my support. Otome gamers must stand strong together!

And today, I finally preordered Tales of Graces f. Similar reasons to Hakuoki's -- I love Tales of games, but not all of them have made it out here. I want more games, including the most recent Tales of Xilia, to come over -- not to mention, I've already played Graces in Japanese, and it's a fun game with really awesome and loveable characters (possibly my favorite cast since Abyss, hmm). I can't wait to play it in English -- I know I missed a lot of plot details with my mediocre Japanese. Anyway, bonus preorder DLC!

(... And I don't even have a PS3 yet. But I've been planning on getting one for quite some time. Now I'm just lurking on Amazon Warehouse Deals for a like new deal, haa. Hopefully I'll be able to find one before the game comes out.)

I'm really getting sucked into the "must buy right away to support the thing I love!" mindset. I preordered the anime Kuragehime/Princess Jellyfish too ... well, it was on sale at the time. And I got the limited edition pretty artbox! And a Clara jellyfish keychain! Haaa. I'm way too weak toward this sort of thing ...

From: [identity profile] aelvana.livejournal.com

I think the gaming experience with Graces will be totally different when you aren't playing with a stack of Japanese dictionaries at your side... ^^ I'd be interested in punching through the game with you or Aya sometime in the future. (Preferably on someone's new game+ so we can hit the main plot points faster).

From: [identity profile] yaminokaitou.livejournal.com

Wah....Tales of Graces F....I can't wait to get that game! This will be my most expensive gaming year as well. In between Xenoblade, Last Story, Tales of Graces, and Kid Icarus, there's just so much coming out!
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