For some reason, I find myself without the ability to be concise today. This entry rambles a bit, so I apologize in advance.

So, last night did not go quite as planned -- but our plans weren't very set anyway, and it all turned out all right in the end.

To recap, I have a friend (Ashley) who's been visiting back home who will be returning to teach in South Korea next week. This Wednesday, she messaged the group of people I generally refer to as my "high school friends" (basically, the small coterie of girls who I hung out with in high school and still meet up with every now and then) in the hopes that we could get together once more this weekend before she jets off. One of my friends (Leanne), the one who got married a few weeks ago and lives downtown-ish, invited us to come out to the city to hang out and see her new condo (which she had just closed on that day). The most decisive member of our little group (who is also the brave one who is not afraid to drive into the city) is apparently on a cruise right now, so that left ... the rest of us. We like to plan things out in advance, but we are all very indecisive people XD So we tacitly agreed. Without our brave friend to drive us downtown, we settled on taking the train. The S.K. friend (Ashley) no longer lives in the immediate area either, so she took one train, and my other friend who lives closer by (Lauren) and I were going to take on a different one.

Lauren decided that since I live closer to the train station, she would pick up me so we could go together. We both had to work until 5, so we agreed on the 6 p.m.-ish train. Well. Lauren lives about 20 minutes from me (give or take 5, depending on traffic), and the station's about 15 minutes from me yet. So I was a bit concerned because I knew we wouldn't have a lot of time.

And then it started to snow on Friday morning (when it has hardly snowed this winter!). First, pretty, fat flakes filled the air but didn't stick to anything. And then the flakes shrank and became a vision-impairing cloud, and the sky darkened and looked ominous enough that my boss decided to leave work early. I can't say I was exactly undaunted by this turn of events, but I was still looking forward to the night's plans, since I hardly ever see those friends.

Anyway. Lauren called me after work at 5:30 to tell me she was leaving her house. Considering the time frames I mentioned above and the snow, at that point I figured, "There's no way we'll make the 6 o'clock train." But we hurried along anyway ... and reached the train station just as the train was pulling in. At which point, of course, there's no longer enough time to *get* from the car to the train to catch it XD So we let Leanne and Ashley (who as I said, was on a different, earlier train and already downtown) know that they could go ahead and eat without us, and we would catch the next train at 7. We ate at a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place just down the street from the station. Not exactly as glamorous as eating in the city, but the food was good (we both got chicken tortas, which is basically a kind of sandwich), and it was probably a lot cheaper.

Eating took a little bit longer than we would've liked, so we were hurrying again to get to the next train. And we couldn't figure out how to pay for parking at the station XD So, um, we didn't. (We somehow walked right past the bank of cubbies where you're supposed to put your payment -- we noticed them when we got back. Fortunately, they seem to only collect during the day, so no one cares that much if you don't pay at night.)

But we made it on the next train without a hitch and were on our way. I rarely ride the trains around here, so it's always a little bit strange to me (after all, I rode on the train more during my time in Japan than I ever have in the U.S.). All sorts of people ride the trains. And there was a sound at certain points that struck me as strange and almost ominous, something I had never heard before. Yet somehow I can't recall it very well now, and I didn't hear it at all on the way back, either ...

Anyway. Our friends were kind enough to pick us up from the station and we got to see my friend and her husband's current apartment as well as their new (very spacious) condo. Also, their two adorable cats! One broke her paw the day before D: So she has a little pink cast on part of her leg and has to be isolated in the (fortunately, roomy) bathroom so she won't get hurt playing with the other cat. And she limps around very cutely. (Even her owners are like, "It's awful but SO CUTE.") The other cat is shyer but came out to be petted as we played Sour Apples to Apples, drank champagne, and ate dessert pizza. (I can't decide if that sounds elegant or just ridiculous; I wouldn't go out of my way to have champagne, but I feel compelled to have a glass when someone opens a bottle.)

It was a pleasant evening. Even the snow had let up (though it was still freezing out) by the time we left, so we could see the lights in the city as my friend's husband drove us back to the station for the 11:20 train. (Now I have a purse full of golden dollar coins -- 13 presidents and one Sacagawea because I couldn't figure out how to use a ten instead of a twenty at the ticket machine, and they called for our train to board as I was pondering.) And, the waxing moon accompanied us on the train, blinking in and out of sight in accordance with the tunnels we passed through. I was surprised by how many people rode that late train. (I suppose it's not that late to get on it, but we arrived well after midnight.) It was extremely cold and windy when we got off. We'd parked in the far off lot besides (yeah, organized last night, we were not XD), so we had a nice little frigid walk to the car. I've never been so glad to have a scarf before.

Anyway. It is nice to go somewhere every now and then, even if the "going" part can be difficult XD

Speaking of going, even though this has been mentioned elsewhere, I might as well write here that I finally have my tickets for Japan. Mmm, definitely something to look forward to (and I apologize to [ profile] yaminokaitou for not being around to talk about our plans last night :/ I didn't expect to get back so late ...)

From: [identity profile]

No worries. you warned me you wouldnt be home after all

From: [identity profile]

Heh, what an adventure! Life is certainly not something that tends to go as planned... but you made it there, you made it back, and you have a new story to tell. ^^

From: [identity profile]

oh as i was reading i thought you were gonna say you missed the next train as well D:

it sounds like you had a lovely evening, though! the travelling is normally worth the payoff :)

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